Today, unhealthy lifestyles can be relegated and substituted for a much healthier life with all the wearables for fitness out there.

However, consistency and effort are fundamental when it comes to achieving good physical improvement.

Also, setting up progressive and realistic goals is the key, and luckily, technology plays a big role in this matter and it can be your best ally.

Especially, basketball training with electronic and interactive devices will help you control your health, performance and will make your training more advance as it will show you all the data you need to improve fast.

Unfortunately, some people still overlook what wearables can do for them.

But … why do I have to use basketball wearables for training basketball?

Basketball wearable technology is designed to improve your game, gain abilities faster than your peers and take your basketball game to the next level quickly.

Additionally, you, as most basketball players are not achieving their true potential, but with wearables, you will:

  • KNOW EVERY TIME YOU HAVE A DECOMPENSATION and monitor your capabilities (endurance, strength mobility).
  • HAVE YOUR PERFORMANCE UNDER CONTROL because wearables will give you exact data of your training sessions by daily monitoring the exercise performed.
  • BE AWARE OF YOUR HEALTH DURING TRAINING as many physical data will be collected, and these devices will give you suggestions adapted to your physical conditions.
  • REINFORCE YOUR PERFORMANCE GOALS because measuring all your performance data is the first step to improve it.
  • HAVE REAL-TIME DATA. They offer a quick diagnosis of health status since they monitor various health variables of users.

So, with basketball wearables YOU HAVE A BIGGER CHANCE TO IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE AND DEFEAT YOUR COMPETITORS by measuring and controlling all aspects of the game.


Obviously, it can be prevented and we will show you our best picks regarding basketball wearables.


There are many small, light and high-quality wearables to improve your basketball performance and add more value to your life.

And this review will facilitate the selection process for you to save your time and money.


There are specific wearables for basketball, unfortunately, most of them are not currently available at Amazon such as the Blast Basketball Replay or The ShotTracker.

As soon as they are available, we will include them in the review!


Most sports wearables for basketball are quite affordable, and the benefits they offer are enormous!

Particularly, with Vert Wearable Jump, all the movements you make with your legs are registered and qualified.

In fact, every time you jump, you’ll have fresh data to evaluate your performance.

And you won’t only measure your own performance, you can even make reports of the performance of a whole team if you’re the coach.

And now this technology is at your fingertips!

  • More than 450 universities and professional teams around the world USE this technology.
  • It’s especially good for IMPROVING your techniques at jumping since it measures the landing strength and the load on your legs to prevent injuries.
  • Vert Wearable Jump is made in the USA with the BEST materials: hard plastic, lithium batteries and a bright LED screen.
  • It includes the device, its strap, clips, chargers and you can download the app in the Apple App Store easily.
  • And it weighs just 0.05 pounds.

So, this is PERFECT for basketball players who takes seriously their training.

And compared to other similar products, it has more functionalities.

TAKE A LOOK at this video to know more about the Vert Wearable Jump:

And IF YOU LIKED the Vert Wearable Jump, you can CHECK IT OUT BELOW and unleash your true potential.


This is the best choice for most people looking to improve their performance without taking the risk of buying the wrong product.

Wilson is one of the best brands for basketball, and this Wilson ball is the FIRST SMART BALL that records data, while you are on the court.

In fact, with this ball you can have all your records through any IOS or Android device.

…and all your shots will be tracked!

  • You’ll have a deeper connection and interaction to the game with this new ShotTracker technology.
  • All your statistics will be reflected in the ShotTracker app on your mobile phone.
  • With this ball you’ll have all the data of your performance in its 4 modalities: Free-range, free-throw, buzzer-beater and game time.

In sum, its sensor monitors your performance and transmits all the information to the processor that analyzes it and sends it via Bluetooth to the app installed on the phone.

It’s extremely fast and reliable and you’ll analyze your performance like never before.

And there’s no similar product in basketball right now!

So, you would be getting a unique product to improve your performance fast.


… And you can CHECK IT OUT BELOW

Wilson x Connected in Amazon3. SMARTWATCHES

Smartwatches are wearables with many functionalities, and for basketball, they will monitor your performance, collecting your physical information and displaying it.  

They make your life EASIER and they are particularly good for basketball.

In fact, they all have features such as stopwatch, blood pressure, step counter, sedentary reminder, heart rate, pedometer, among others.

All these capabilities will help you measure your physical performance during your training, monitoring the most important traits of your health.

… And here you have a couple of smartwatches that are pretty useful for basketball training due to their toughness and their focus on sports.


This smartwatch from Apple analyzes your performance and collects your physical data.

It can even detect the trajectory of the ball, its acceleration and give you feedback to improve your performance.

Additionally, with the Apple Watch, you’ll have:

  • Features like heart rate sensor, calories burned, distance traveled, accelerometer, etc.
  • A SHOCK-RESISTANT watch that you can use without any worries on the court.
  • The MOST RECOGNIZED BRAND on the market on your wrist, with the same functionalities as any other fitness device.

So, this smartwatch is a safe bet to measure basic functionalities during your basketball training.

And even if this smartwatch is obviously more expensive than its competitors, all the features you’ll get are priceless.

If you LIKED it, it can be yours in just 1 CLICK.


Apple watch in Amazon



The Fitbit Versa Special Edition is a smartwatch that keeps track of all your performance as a basketball player and it measures your fitness performance while training.

This watch is more expensive than most of its competitors, however its functionalities are only comparable to high-end watches such as the Apple Watch.

That’s why it is on this list!

  • It will measure your heart rate 24/7, the number of calories burned or your active minutes, among many other characteristics.
  • Fitbit is an established brand for fitness activities, which guarantees its good performance.
  • It is shock-resistant and has all the applications required for the sport, and despite having a cost of almost $200.
  • it is quite accessible compared to other smartwatches with functionalities not necessarily related to sport and basketball.
  • It’s compatible with iOS and Android.
  • It has anti-scratch high hardness tempered glass to resists the challenges of the court.

And CHECK OUT all its capabilities in the video below.

Finally, many people bought Fitbit Versa last year and you should take a look at it too.

Fitbit Versa in Amazon


All these basketball wearables , or with basketball functionalities will help you increase your performance as an athlete.

Their characteristics will give you all the data you need to immediately improve your performance and even exceed your competitors on the court.

And these wearables, despite being relatively new, offer great advantages and they are customizable to meet your needs.

Besides, there are many third-party apps to add more functionalities, collect more data, and also, give you advice for training.

Finally, measuring and recording everything we do is essential, especially when it comes to achieving our goals in the court.

Take advantage of all the benefits that technology puts at your disposal to improve your health and game!

Boy with basketball ball







The Best Basketball Socks – A Definitive Guide

Yes, the socks you wear, like all equipment make a difference on your game. Will the right socks help you become the best free throw shooter on your team, or be the first person in you class to dunk a basketball?


But playing the game with a pair of supportive, comfortable socks, can help your over all confidence on the court and we all know basketball and sports in general has a lot to do with confidence.  There is nothing worse than trying to concentrate on your game with a pair of socks nagging at you.

At the time of this writing, we are all stuck at home due to the COVID crisis a lot of online merchants have run out of inventory. If you can’t find your preferred product on Amazon I recommend that if you find the basketball socks you are looking for in stock … BUY THEM!

Like many of you, I sometimes have to spend days or evern weeks trying to find the specific basketball shoes I am looking for.  There have been times when I was looking for shoes that help with my tracktion, other times shoes to help with my jumping.  I have very narrow feet so that would kind of compound the challenge.

Then I would finally find the perfect pair of basketball sneakers, and stupid me I would try to rock them in good looking but thin, cheap socks that had no place on the basketball court.  I was just young and dumb and didn’t know any better.

It truly was  like I died and had gone to heaven when I got my first pair of  true performance basketball socks. I couldn’t believe the difference they made in how my feet felt, my confidence, and my game.

In this article, I will share with you what I have learned about the best basketball socks on the market and why they are a must-have for every ambitious basketball player. Read on – you don’t want to make the same mistake I did, do you?

List of the best basketball socks:


There are a lot of things to consider when looking for the perfect basketball socks. In the following paragraphs, I want to sum up the most important ones, keep in mind, I am a player, not a writer.   I originally did this review for a school project and when the team at found out, they asked me to share it with you guys, so her it goes.


Performance socks are usually made of MIXES of cotton, polyester, nylon, and elastane (spandex). Pure cotton is rarely seen in performance socks because cotton quickly absorbs sweat and doesn’t dry very fast.  Pure cotton basketball socks become uncomfortable very quickly when playing.

Synthetic materials like nylon and polyester divert away moisture quickly and  will retain their shape much longer. Elastane usually makes up a very small percentage of the material (around 2-6%), but its incredible flexibility adds stretch and makes socks a lot more comfortable!



Honestly, this  comes down to personal preference, but I like my basketball socks to be a little thicker than my normal  everyday socks.   My brother likes super thin basketball socks.  I have rather narrow feet, so socks made from thicker material help me improve the fit of my shoes.   (My brother has wide fatty feet)    This way, my feet slide much less inside the shoes, which not only helps to avoid blisters but also makes quick basketball moves much more comfortable and easier to do on the basketball court.

Of course, if you have very wide feet and you already have a hard time getting into your shoes you might want to look towards thinner socks like the Nike Grip Quick Crew. The Grip Quick is what my brother wears.

I guess the point is, when you find a pair of basketball socks that you like, and fits your feet and shoes well, stock up on them.  When its game day, you don’t want to rely on whatever is clean and in your sock drawer.   I have a specials drawer, just for basketbal socks, and they are all the same, same brand, same sock.


There was a time when basketball players wore long tube socks that went all the way up to the knees. These socks are completely out of fashion now and have been replaced by compression pants.

These days you have the choice between thee different styles:

  • Crew cut socks that go up to the middle of the shins
  • Mid cut socks that end just above the ankle
  • Low cut socks (also called “no-show” socks) which are almost invisible when you are wearing shoes

The picture below illustrates the different styles with three versions of the Nike Elite Versatility:









Which kind of socks to pick is mostly a fashion decision, but some athletes like the added compression of crew cut socks. Another reason to choose crew cut socks is if you wear ankle braces and want to avoid unnecessary friction.  Some players were a variety of socks, others go with one stye.   For me personally I go with the crew socks, so it really comes down to the look you want to have when you are on the court.


Cushioning and Arch Support

More expensive performance socks like the Nike Elites bring you additional cushioning in the forefoot and around the heel. This makes them extremely comfortable and helps you to avoid blisters. I personally love the additional cushioning because it really helps to lock down my narrow feet inside the shoes and I feel much more
comfortable on the court.

Some performance socks come with compression bands in the midfoot area that provide additional arch support. This can be helpful if you suffer from arch pain or plantar fasciitis.  As basketball players we need to do everything we can to take care of our feet.

This picture I found shows the compression bands and the cushioning on the inside of modern performance basketball socks.  Basektball socks have come a long way since my dad use to play with all cotton tube socks.









Nike HYPER ELITE cushioned Crew Sock

The highest quality most expensive sock on the market for players where budget is
not an issue.

  • 3 Levels of cushioning soften the impact right where you need it
  • Dri-Fit fabric pulls sweat away
  • Left/Right specific design
  • Machine washable
    Click to Check Current Price






Nike Cotton Cushion Crew Socks

Nike Cotton Cushion Crew Socks

Sweat-wicking fabric to help keep feet dry and comfortable.


Under Armour HeatGear

Under Armour HeatGear

  • tight fit provides arch support and compression
  • HeatGear is designed to keep your feet cool
    Check Current Price


Nike Men's Elite Basketball Crew

Nike Men’s Elite Basketball Crew

  • very popular basketball socks that started the performance trend
  • huge variety of colorways
  • the favorite sock of many NBA Players
    Check Current Price




Nike Men’s Elite Versatility






NikeGrip Quick NBA socks

NikeGrip Quick NBA socks

  • the official NBA on-court performance socks starting with the 2017-2018 season
  • more flexible and easier to get on and off than the Nike Elite socks
    Check Current Price


Final thoughts

If you are playing basketball for hours every day, high-performance basketball socks can really make a difference! They protect your feet from fatigue, help you avoid blisters and make playing basketball much more fun. I would recommend buying the original Nike Elitesocks if you are a gymn rat like me.

If you are not a fan of the regular crew cut, then check out the Elite Versatility line that works just as well on the court, but also comes in low-cut and mid-cut versions.






Basketball is a great game, growing up in the State of Kentucky with the University of Kentucky Basketball team I would say it is almost a religion.

As a kid, in my part of the United States, I don’t think I knew a anyone who didn’t have some type of basketball goal on their property.  You saw basketballs goals attached to trees, even barns.

In this article we are going to share with you the 5 best driveway basketball hoops available today. Yes there are dozens of basketball hoops in the market, but have chosen the very best 5 depending on your age, skill level, driveway space, and budget.

The quality of your equipment and the training aides and tools you use, including your hoop makes a difference.

Serious basketball players pay close attention to the equipment they use.  For instance, basketballers pay very close attention to the basketball sneakers they wear.  The last thing you want to do is work out or practice with equipment that is not as close as possible to what will be used in a game.

The hoop is a significant part of the basketball game. Without a basketball goal there is no game. For this reason, every hoop must be made from quality materials and must meet all regulation, especially the basketball hoop you practice on.

Young basketball players depend on driveway basketball hoops for consistent practice to improve their skills.  In this article we will share with you the Top 5 basketball hoops available in the market today.



Having a defective hoop smaller than the right height can through off a players game, even if it off by just a ½ inch.  The standard height for a basketball goal is 10 feet.

Typically, the hoop consists of a rim that stays attached to the blackboard, so when a skilled player tries to dunk, he can hang on to the rim for safety reasons, before dropping back to the ground.

In today’s world, young high school kids are learning how to dunk a basketball with baketball dunking vertical jump training programs.

Imagine the disaster it would cause the entire game if the hoop in every gym was different.  Over the years basketball hoops have gone from hanging above the garage  or even on trees and barns to quality driveway basketball set ups.

It’s common to see people install quality hoops at their home. Getting a proper hoop cannot be overemphasized; it ensures that your practice time will reflect positively when you suit up for the game.

In this article we will give a detailed review of the 5 best basketball hoops available today, that can be shipped to your door and set up quickly.

We looked at each hoop for price analysis and customer reviews, plus our personal experience with each basketball goal.

After reading through this, you should be able to make a logical choice between the five hoops that will be reviewed in this article.

We will cover individual features and specifications of each basketball hoop. You will also be able to compare the prices and know the best option for you based upon the space you have to work with and how serious the players in your household are about improving their game.

Basketball is a fun activity, and I think every home could benefit from having a basketball goal set up.  However many of you reading this have kids that are serious about the game, and hope to one day play for John Calipari and become part of Big Blue Nation.  😊  I respect that, so I want to give you the best advice possible based upon many of years of watching the progression of basketball goals being introduced to the market.


Additionally, please note that some these hoops are portable and some are in-ground.


A portable hoop has a base at the bottom that you fill with water, sand, or gravel to keep it stationary.

An inground basketball system is permanent in a fixed location, a hole is dug and it is place in the ground with concrete. Many hoop systems also feature bolting systems so they can be moved to a new location if they need to be.

Set up is a very simple job for a skilled handy man or concrete worker.   We have an inground hoop at our home.  I found a guy on Craigs list that installed it for me in about an hour for $50.00

In general inground, permanent goals are solid and the best type of hoop you can have if you have a serious basketball player in your family and you are not just adding a basketball goal for family outdoor fun.

Many people start with portable units, and then move up to inground systems as their child get older.  If budget is not an issue as a general rule go with an inground basketball goal set up.

The inground and portable systems we recommend can be adjusted from 7 1/2 feet tall to the standard 10 feet standard height.

So if you have a young player the basketball hoop can be adjusted down to the hoop height they will be using in the games.  Most leagues for younger players start with hoops that are 7 ½ feet instead of the standard 10 foot basketball goal.

At this point the only real question you need to ask yourself is do you want a more sturdy, permanent in ground basketball hoop, or do you want to start out with a portable one.?  After you answer that question these are the best basketball hoops available in both of those categories.






Easy to adjust and comes with engrained NBA logo (Portable)
SILVERBACK IN-GROUND BASKETBALL HOOP SYSTEM Offers strength for maximum performance
GOALRILLA BASKETBALL HOOP YARD SYSTEM Large defensive net to prevent continuous ball retrieving. (option)
LIFETIME PORTABLE BASKETBALL HOOP SYSTEM Very portable and features a weather-resistant net
Bodywell Indoor/Outdoor Portable Basketball Goal for KIDS.  Adustable 5.5 feet -8 1/2 feet.  Perfect Starter Hoop Includes Basketball & Pump






Spalding is a recognized world leader in providing quality outdoor basketball goals.  Driveways all over the world have the Hercules Portable Basketball Hoop from Spalding proudly displayed.

This is probably the most popular portable basketball goal in the world and for good reason.

This basketball system is a premium and top quality to consider for beginners or experienced players.   The height of the goal can be adjusted from 7 ½ to 10 feet easily in increments of 6”.  This in a system a new player can start with and enjoy throughout their playing career in you choose  not to opt for an inground system.

The 37 gallon base can be weighted with sand or water for stability. Interestingly, the system was built to resist corrosion or rust that helps prevent wear and tear.

This system features a 3 ½” in diameter steel pole that is angled at 20 degrees for safety. It prevents basketball players from running full throttle into a steel pole.

This system features a full size standard 54” ACRYLIC BACKBOARD backboard that creates game condition bounce and play, much different from a compressed wood backboard many competitors offer.


The entire system can be disassembled and reassemble if you move to another home.  This system also has two wheels in the base in case the occasion arises where it needs to be moved to a different part of the driveway.

If you are looking for a high-quality basketball goal system that provide years of play you can’t go wrong with the Spalding NBA Portable Basketball Hoop.








Silverback is known for providing Premier in-ground basketball goals that offer the performance of gymnasium-style goal

The Silverback SB60 is their top of the line in-ground basketball hoop system.  They are known for quality in-ground basketball hoops at the best prices available.  The Silverback SB60 Basketball goal system offers features that are usually found in basketball goal systems costing three times more money.


This Basketball Hoop System features:

Anchor mounting offers the strength of concrete and the option to unbolt and move goal

60″ Wide Tempered Glass  Backboard with Pro-Style breakaway rim fot those that learn how to dunk a basketball as they get older.

The height can easily be adjusted if you are going to have different groups of different ages and skills playing on your driveway basketball hoop.




The Goalrilla Basketball Hoop Yard System is considered the highest quality home basketball goal in the market.  Goalrilla also has an option for a custom provides a  protective nets that attach  behind the hopp.

This optional net serves as a guard that prevents the ball from going outside the court.

The only place our newphew could position his goal was at the end
of his driveway.   The end of the drive sloop down a hill of his backyard.  Everytime he shot the ball and missed it the ball we roll
25 yards down the hill of his backyar and into the woods behind his house.    Honestly, I am surprised the kid didn’t get burnt out on shooting hoops before he really ever got started, but he didn’t.  When his parents where ready to upgrade his backetball hoop from a portable to an inground unit and they asked for my recommendation, the choice was easy.  I recommended the Goalrilla basketball system simply because of the back net option.  My newphew, his name is Toby by the way has become quite the basketball player.  Hist parents say he spend all his time now practicing and is not wearing himeself out running up and down the hill in his backyard for the ball.

This option is also great if your goal is positioned around flower beds or other important landscaping that you don’t want to see destroyed.  Or even more important if your goal is positioned on a street with alot of traffic and you want to keep the ball from rolling out in the street.

The Gorilla FT54 and entire FT Series featues all the benefits you would expect in a high end basketball hoop system.

* Height Adjustabliity from 7 1/2′ to 10 feet

* Concrete Anchors

* Tempered Glass Backboards

*Break Away Rims

The Goalilla also featues some advanged structure features they call Three-Point Technology, that the review video below will tell you more about.  If price is no object the Goalrilla baseketball system with all the bells and whistles and optional protective net is the way to go.

GOALRILLA FT54 HOOP                                 


Another valuable accessory that is worth checking out if you want to really trick out your home basketball court is this Goalrilla LED Basketball Hoop Light.   This light  Illuminates backboard, Rim, and Court and Fits All Goalrilla and Other In-Ground Hoops








Lifetime is a well known USA based company recognized  for the production of quality basketball hoops. The products are made from quality steel frames shatterproof Makrolon.  Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoop System can be used by different people of different age levels and professional levels and has an adjustable height mechanism.

Typically, players may decide to raise or lower the system between 7.5ft to 10ft by using the power-lift mechanism. A remarkable feature of the basketball system is its very lightweight. The weight of the Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoop System makes it very portable and easy to use.

Unlike the silverback rim, its rim is not breakaway, making it more suitable for the casual player. The basketball hoop system has a tinted polycarbonate backboard making it look better than the average driveway  portable  basketball system.

The Lifetime portable system includes a heavy-duty portable base for a firm grip to the ground. Other specifications include a 35-gallon base size, slam it rim, 3-piece pole section, and 3.5-inch pole size. Surprisingly, the weight of the whole basketball goal  system is about 50lbs.








5.  Perfect Starter Basketball Hoop for Younger Kids.  Body Well Portable Hoop & Goal Basketball System Height Adjustable 65”-104” Come with Basketball & Ball Pump for Jrs.



Coach Cal would say, start them young.   Part of becoming a great fan when you are older is learning to love to play the game when you are young.  Kentucky Basketball fans are known for alot of words of wisdom on this topic, such as Momma’s don’t let your babies grow up to be Tennessee Vols Fans and I could go on and on, but I won’t.

Bottom line, this is the highest quality basketball hoop on the market at the best price in the smaller Jr. sizes 5 1/2 to 8 1/2 feet tall range.  It will last through a few kids, and will last for your childs brothers or sisters.  No one and done here, those are Kentucky basketball players you are thinking about. 🙂


You wil have this set up and ready to play within minutes after it arrives.





So, there you have it!; Five awesome hoops that will give you a perfect experience on the basketball court no matter your age or skill level. Every one of the basketball hoops has specific features that will give every player a seamless experience while playing basketball in the on the driveway & help you develop your skills so you are ready when you get in the gymn and the game starts.

If you are looking to choose between any of the hoops, you have to figure out the feature that appeals to you most. For instance, if you’re hoping to play basketball outdoors and want to set those boundaries, you might consider picking the Goalrilla Basketball Hoop Yard System because of its net structure. However, if I were to choose by considering the general features and the price, I’d shoot for the Silverback In-Ground Basketball Hoop System.   If you are looking for a portable system the Spalding Hercules can’t be beat.

If you a rookie, a new Jr. player you want to teach and help them develop a love for the game of basketball, the Body Well basketball system has the highest rating in the market.

I hope you got you questions answered and you have decided what driveway basketball system is best for you.
Enjoy playing and GO BIG BLUE!  🙂






Basketball is among the most popular sport of the twenty-first century.  Many believe the rap culture (addidas) has alot to do with that.  Addidas has always been the go to show in the rap communicty, if not we may not even be having this conversation.

Among the leisure activities and sports that can be enjoyed by normal people,  basketball would be at the top of th list and is popular all over the world.   Just get a qualtiy outdoor outdoor basketball and put a basketball hoop in the street and you have the equipment that will alow you to enjoy the sport for years.

Really the only thing you need other than a hoop and a ball to enjoy the sport is a quality pair or basketball, sneakers.   

Most products and consumer goods evolve and get better over time, the same cam be said for basketball sneakers.   When it comes to basketball shoes, many companies have evolved and gained popularity in producing basketball shoes.   The industry has come a long way since the white converse days of the 1950’s. Among the most popular brands, ADIDAS and NIKE come on the top of the list. After doing thorough research on both brands, we are giving you our prospective on these two competitors.



Bruin and Blazer are the first Basketball sneakers released by Nike in 1972. The headquarter of Nike is in Oregon. Both of these products are of leather.

Nike kept on making the changes with these two products to make them compatible, and their slogan “just do it” began gaining popularity with the time. In 1982, Nike released its new series with the name of AIR FORCE

1. With the passing time, Nike kept on gaining fame as one of the leading basketball shoes. In 1985, Air Jordan introduced. This newly launched product gained much popularity because of getting marketing by the famous basketball player, Michael Jordan.

The development kept on emerging with the time, and in 1986 and 87, Dunk and Terminator High got released. The launch of the new series keeps on taking place in the 1990s, maintaining the previous progress. The strategy of picking the top players and placing them with the signature shoes helped them a lot to gain a considerable market share. Their unceasing potential from the very first day till the present day makes them famous and worth mentioning.

With the use of Flywire technology in their great release .i.e, Hyperdunk, it can be easily seen that they are going to keep grabbing the attention of their audience in the future as well.


Nike is now a unique brand in the world, with a significant market share. Everything in this world is unique on its own due to its characteristics. Just like that, basketball shoes from different brands have their features, which make them different from their competitors. We come up with the striking features of the Nike that make them Nike.


Nike shoes have large capacities. That’s why they are considered most suitable for people with wide feet. Nike has offered large scales in shoes; this can be estimated by having a look at Nike Lebron, which provides the maximum size of 18. They have more stretching ability, which reduces the chances of tearing easily. Their large size lessens the difficulty of breaking in, and professionals don’t need a long time to break in and get back to their field.

Quality of materials

Nike comes on the top of the list when talking about the condition. The leather used in these shoes is of high quality and helps the foot to become readily adaptable to it. The sole consists of a soft and pliable material that acts as a shock absorber and lessens the destructive effects of forces on our joints and feet. The exceptional stretching ability helps in allowing a full degree of movements and enhanced propulsion. The better quality of Nike products also ensures you about their prolonged-lasting use with the minimum wear and tear except for being used roughly and rashly. The breathability provided by the constituents of the shoes is good enough to prevent the sweating of the foot.


The average weight for the Nike basketball shoes ranges from 300 grams to 400 grams, which reflects their lightweight. The best example of lightest Nike basketball shoes is Nike Kobe Zoom V, which weighs about 10.6 ounces (325 grams). However, the weight of the shoes varies with the size of the shoes. They are best for the person who emphasizes lightweight as the prime feature in picking up the right shoes.


As we all have heard a famous proverb: “The more sugar you add, the sweeter it will be.” This proverb holds when purchasing the right thing; the more money you pour, the best quality you will get. These days, there is a rapid increase in the demand for excellence for items due to increasing awareness and increased standards of living. Nike’s are highly paid basketball shoes in the world. One can easily understand the high price of Nike basketball shoes if he knows about its generous features.

However, there are certain products of Nike that are not too expensive. It is a kind of investment that you are paying to keep yourself safe and sound during the playing hours. Using the excellent pair of basketball shoes keeps you away from the injuries and save your money, which otherwise you need to spend on treating your injury. Although everyone cannot afford to buy these shoes, if you are a true basketball lover, then it is compulsory for you to buy these pair of shoes and increases your safety.

Public views about Nike

Nike comes on the top of the list when talking about the best basketball shoes. Players seem to trust Nike a lot with the quality, and that’s why they are willing to invest a little more in Nike basketball shoes.  Many of the top college baskeball programs like the University of Kentucky basketball team wears Nike basketball shoes. Many people admired the lightweight of these shoes which obviously important if you are a basketball player that needs to get off the floor to dunk the basketball and rebound.

Vertical Jump Affiliate program



  • They are lightweight.
  • They have a sound breathing system.
  • Many options are available for the users.
  • Their quality is up to the mark.


  • They are expensive.



The headquarters of Adidas are present in Germany, unlike Nike, which has its office in the United States. As compared to Nike, Adidas is older, and its foundation laid in the mid-1920s, but the name was different. Adolf Dassler used the name Adidas in 1949 and deepened the roots of this brand.

Three stripes became the signature style for the Adidas shoes. In 1971, Adidas released its first basketball shoes. They kept on releasing shoe pairs to engage the interests of professionals from every sport in correspondence with the famous players of that time. They worked hard on making customizations for their users and released Adidas color hi with the felt tip pens that help the users to customize their shoes by themselves. Adidas made use of the peg cushioning system for the first time in Adidas LA trainer in 1984. In 1992, Adidas released Mutombo for the recognition of the university graduated basketball player. Kobe series, launched in 2000, also gained the attention of the customers.

The release of the new product continued with time. Adidas Rivalry boost launched in 2019, retains much of the features of the 86 Rivalry combined with the cushioning boost technology. In 2019, Adidas put forward its “Heroes among us” collection in collaboration with Marvel Cinematic Universe. Adidas didn’t rest behind; they also make their full contribution to be recognized as one of the top brands and still playing their part.


Following are the features which make you able in developing awareness about the Adidas shoes so that you can easily distinguish them from the Nike:


The size of Adidas shoes runs small for the people with the broader feet. Many professionals have narrow feet, Adidas shoes are suitable for that kind of professionals. You don’t need to be hasty while using Adidas, as they require time to compensate with the size of your foot in case of more full feet.

Quality of materials

The materials used in Adidas are suitable for durability. The outer sole provides increased cushioning and softer feel due to the integration of Adiprene in many of their shoes. However, the stretching ability of Adidas is not as good as Nike’s. They provide good strength due to the exceptional quality of the materials used in their production. If you don’t want to change your basketball shoes again and again, then you should go for these.


Adidas basketball shoes are lightweight. The average weight of the Kobe series of the Adidas is about 314grams (11.08ounce). If you want to make yourself clear, then we can tell you the fact that you can see the Adidas shoes on the top of the list of lightest basketball shoes.


The price of almost every product is higher than $100. Just like Nike, they can only have by the high-class people. Despite this fact, many people are still willing to spend a massive amount of money to ensure their safety on the court and reduce the risks of injury. Every intelligent person knows that he has to pay for getting a high return.

Public views about Adidas

After spending hours on public forums, we concluded that Adidas is gaining popularity among the public. The public response showed 65% positivity and 27% neutral views, which is quite good. They seem to be more famous among women as compared to men. People talked about its fresh colors, its reliability, and also its remarkable composition.


  • They are available in different styles and colors.
  • People can make customizations according to their will.


  • They are very expensive, just like Nike.
  • They seem to become narrow.


If you people have more full feet than you must not like the Adidas, you should prefer Nike. For the persons with narrow anthropometric measurements of the feet, we recommend you to look for the Adidas We have provided you with all the aspects of both brands and hope that it will help you in making the right decision.

You people first need to make a clear concept of what you want and what you wanted to do. Different people have different priorities when it comes to select a pair of basketball shoes. So gird up your loin and get ready for getting the right pair of shoes. It is imperative to comprehend that pair of shoes that fit your requirements and keeps you away from the risks of injuries.

You people should look for excellent ankle support and comfort. The style of your training also matters. The wrong technique can make you susceptible to damage. So, we recommend you to consider each aspect before making any decision carefully.