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After testing  nearly two dozen outdoor basketballs in this review we will share with you the Top 7 for quality, bounce, value, and outdoor basektball play. No matter where you are playing outdoor basketball, on this list you will find the perfect basketball to meet your outdoor play needs.


If you are anything like me, you enjoy shooting a few hoops every now and then. Yet it is nice to get a bit competitive even when you play just for fun. You have to be ramping up your skills all the time; you understand what I am trying to say?


Outdoor basketballs are built to resist the bumpier and rougher surfaces and circumstances of outdoor gaming. You will not have to worry about the cover of the ball being ruined entirely by the acrylic or concrete courts on which you play.


Most people would accept that in terms of feel, very little can compared to a good indoor game of basketball. However, at a certain point in basketballer’s life he/she will have to play an outdoor game either in their backyard or in a nearby courtyard. In these areas, the ball has to forfeit some of its softness for some toughness.


Being capable of navigating such harsh and challenging outdoor environments, of course they can certainly be used on indoor courts. Definitely, they are undisputedly the ‘all-round’ ultimate basketball to own – every basketball player best have at least one of them.

Our Top 7 Outdoor Basketball Selected


1.  NCAA Wilson Replica Game Basketball

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Ø NCAA game ball replica.

Ø Built for both outdoor and indoor play.

Ø Provides superb grip ability.

Ø Guaranteed a 100% composite cover as it is structured in composite channels.

Ø Suited for outdoor or indoor play.

Ø  Provides more confidence to take shots due to the soft cushion provided by core canvass.

For the Replica NCAA Game Ball, Certainly Wilson appears to have achieved the complicated juggling act between durability and looks.

It should not come as a shock that Wilson has manufactured most of the finest composite leather basketballs currently on the market.

Although Spalding is recognized for its premium quality leather official NBA basketball, Wilson is undoubtedly the masters of Composites.

They offer basketball to colleges, schools and manufacture the NCAA official tournament ball.

The difference being, of course, that this basketball’s cover will not shed to pieces on an asphalt surface!

However, it is difficult to argue that this ball is better than the NBA Replica Game Balls and Spalding Zi/O.  It is our top pick for the highest quality, outdoor basketball available today.



NBA Spalding Zi/O


Ø Official NBA weight and size: 29.5 inch, size 7.

Ø Excellent feel due to foam backed design.

Ø Designed for both outdoor and indoor game play.

Ø Shipped ready for game and inflated.

Ø  Zi/O composite cover


Zi / O Basketball is indeed Spalding’s attempt to create an important indoor / outdoor hybrid basketball game.

Its close pebble provides it with a smooth, tacky look. Furthermore, the bounce is marginally dampened on tough outdoor courts because of its foam-backed cover.

As a result, you seldom feel that much of bouncy effect rougher outdoor court/surfaces.

However, the Spalding NBA Zi / O outdoor/indoor basketball is a decent standard outdoor / indoor basketball.  It’s kind of similar to the Spalding Replica NBA Game Ball, with the major distinction being the shell appearance.

The Zi /O looks kinda NBA tacky  in our opinion. Apart from this, the cover of the Zi / O is fully pebbled, making sure that you get enough consistency around the ball.   Over all this is a highly quality durabel ball for outdoor basketball play.






3.  Nike Versa Tack Indoor/Outdoor Basketball



Ø Suitable For: outdoor & indoor use, great feel, durable.

Ø Material: 16% nylon, 70% Composite rubber, 13% synthetic leather.

Ø Size: 7.

Ø Features: wide channels, Pebble texture, perfect shape maintenance.



 The Nike Versa Tack is also an outdoor and indoor basketball game ball. It offers a textured surface. Although it looks like it is designed for indoor courts, it is capable of enduring the rugged outdoor play.

Nike attained balanced efficiency, effectiveness and durability with a great combination of composite materials.

The Versa Tack out/indoor basketball is made of 16 percent nylon, 70 percent rubber, and 14 percent synthetic leather. The rubber is the key part as it makes the ball very durable, avoiding weight loss from consistent wear & tear. It has a great bounce and is gaining in populatiry on playground, drive ways, and everywhere basketball is played outside.














4. Microfiber Composite Wilson NCAA WAVE Basketball




 Ø  Ideal For: extraordinary color, Beginners, consistent bounce and longevity

Ø  Size: 6 / 7

Ø  Material: Traditional synthetic Cover

Ø  Features: original colors, all-ball pebbling, Deep channels, NCAA logo



The outdoor rubber basketball Spalding NCAA Varsity is a great option for both novices and all outdoor leisure basketball players.  It is obtainable for intermediate basketball players in the recommended official regulation size seven (7) as well as in size six (6).

The outdoor basketball Spalding NBA Varsity is available in six (6) distinct color schemes to stand out on court: blue / black, pink / black, black / dark blue, blue / green, green / pink and pink /red. NCAA has endorsed this ball and the ball has the official NCAA logo is displayed on it.  iF you are a novice player looking for a good outdoor basketball this basketball will do the job.

4.  MVP Wilson NCAA Rubber Basketball


·         Ideal For: outdoor & indoor use, stable bounce, youths, durability

·         Sizes: 5 / 6 / 7

·         Materials: optimal rubber cover, Rubber shell, rubber compound

Another basketball model built for outdoor and indoor use is the MVP Wilson NCAA rubber basketball, which provides a stable bounce across all-surface cover and durability.

Thanks to its availability in different sizes 5, 6 and 7 it’s properly suited for newcomers smaller and young players.  Although Wilson suggests this basketball is suitable for outdoors and indoors, the heavy rubber compound content provides a value inferior performance on hardwood courts.  If you are look for an outdoor basketball for a young player, this is the one you are looking for.






5.  X-Series Molten GM7X Out/Indoor



FIBA Approved

  • Indoor/ Outdoor Synthetic Cover
  • Butyl Bladder
  • Signature 12 Panel Design
  • 1- Year Warranty

Molten is a popular Japanese sports gear brand that is popular for being a FIBA’s international competitions ball supplier to (as well as the Olympics). The GM7X Molten is made to the same requirements as their tournament ball, but with a tougher outdoor shell.

The X-Series Molten basketballs provide a 12-panel innovative model that separates them from the 8-panel conventional model. The channels (seams) are significantly steeper than many other basketball popular brands, but there is also more.

In aspects of feeling, Molten does indeed have a great feeling that is difficult to put into words. It feels quite different from the Wilson/ Spalding balls that almost all players are comfortable with, though not in a bad way.

In aspects of durability, there are several doubts hanging over GM7X. The cover does not seem to hold up quite as well as the others when played on rougher surfaces. 

If you get a chance, we definitely suggest checking out the GM7X Molten. Many people love its distinctive feel and design. However, others do not like it.  This ball will last longer with outside basketball play than most, but not as long as the other balls on this list.   The reason we wanted to mention it, is many players love the feel of this ball in their hands.  Some do, some don’t. 









6.    Official/Size 7 495 Under Armour Out/Indoor Basketball


GRIPSKIN UA Composite to provide Ultimate Feel and Grip.
  • Deep Channel Design/Full ball pebbling.
  • Shape Retention (85% Nylon Windings)
  • Maximum Air Retention (100% Butyl Bladder).
  • For maximum performance.

Under Armour is considerably new to Basketball but has proven its dedication by taking up major endorsement contracts with the likes of Stephen Curry.  Gripskin UA invention is engineered to provide maximum grip through deeper and denser pebbling. It also includes nylon winding to keep shape and a 100 percent rubber butyl bladder to provide maximum air retention.


Sadly, an incoherent and slightly flat bounce and a relatively poor air retention as compared with basketballs from other manufacturers so make sure you have a pump handy.









  1. Chance Premium Indoor/Outdoor Composite Leather




 ·        PREMIUM QUALITY: composite leather makes it perfect for outdoor and indoor basketball play.

·        PERFECT GRIP: complete ball deep channels and complete ball pebbling on our 28.5″ 27.5″ and 29.5″.





This one is undoubtedly something for those trying to be distinct. With almost every other ball featuring the same old orange and black color scheme, it is difficult to be thrilled about the style of any of them. You would predict the durability of the ball to be of high standard since it costs substantially more than your ordinary outdoor basketball.

Its grip and bounce is good. However, lower than the other balls mentioned in this review. In general, it is a good basketball worthy to be mention only thanks to its distinctive hip design.  The blue color is popular with many players, especially those looking for a gift for a Kentucky  Wildcat fan,  Duke fan,  other team that has blue team colors.




It is challenging and time consuming for the typical costumer to pick the best outdoor basketball.

There is an enormous amount of choices, and only few have the privilege of checking out any of them. There are many recent reviews, but reading through all of them is not very easy.

To keep make it convenient for you, we have done some extra research and curated this collection of our favorites to guide you pick the right option for you. We personally tested all of them and rated them on basis of the following main criteria:


Broadly speaking, the smoother the ball, the better and more comfortable it feels in your hands (an argument exists that a basketball can be too soft in your hands).

When compared to the indoor basketballs, the outdoor basketballs are considerably harder, with new emerging methods of manufacture and availability of composite materials simply means that the best ones are both durable and soft.



 Bounce inconsistency is among the most dreadful things that can be associated with a basketball, as it will result in the basketball bouncing in unexpected directions. Although, this bounce inconsistency is mostly noticed by seasoned basketball players,  we emediately eliminated all balls from the list if they did not provide bounce consistency.  You would probably be shocked at the big brand outdoor basektballs that did not make our list simply because of inconsistent bounce.



Majority of companies that manufacture basketball will claim that a ball is suitable for outdoor use when in real sense the fact is they cannot withstand the harshness that surrounds the outdoor game.

The ball might survive for a couple of games but be rest assured that you would be replace it the following month.  For a genuine outdoor basketball, the typical life span of an outdoor basketball is about a year, for those average 10 hours of play a week.





Notwithstanding most professionals often play in indoors courts rather than outdoor courts. As such, an individual who performs well on an outdoor basketball court will most likely be excellent in an indoor court.

An outstanding performance requires excellent balls. It is advisable to pick the best outdoor basketballs as it marks the start of your journey to play indoor organized leaques.




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