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NOBULL Shoes Review -Is The Quality Worth The Cost?

If you are a fitness junkie like me, you probably follow fitness gurus on the gram to get a daily fix of inspiration. I understand, watching fitness gurus daily to get my  daily motivation. I am guilty of that.  If you are like me changes are you have seen the on going flow of NoBull shoe reviews by virtually every trainer you see online. 

They can’t seem to shut up about it.
“the most comfortable cross-training shoes”
“shoes that will revamp your workout routine,”
“You will wonder how you worked out with them”
“Take your inspiration to the next level”
“The shoes all top instructors wear”
“If you don’t own a pair of No Bull, you
don’t know what your missing”

Have you given in to the hype yet?

Withe the hefty price, I just couldn’t do it.
So I ended up selling some old clothes I no longer
wore on Mercari with thoughts of investing the
profits in my first pair of NoBull shoes.

So I made some great profits on Mercari, I had my money
in hand, I couldn’t  help but wonder if these shoes are worth
it or just another marketing strategy to get my hard-earned
money.  Honestly selling on Mercari was simple, but I still
didn’t want to give it up too easy.

I wouldn’t advise you or anyone to pull out that wallet before
getting all the facts.

So what’s the real story with NOBULL shoes?  We spent
alot of time, and thought we would share what we discovered
with you.

Top 3 Picks: NOBULL Shoes

Image Title Rating
TOP NOBULL Men’s Navy Check Price
NOBULL Women’s Bright Check Price
NOBULL Men’s High-Top Check Price

Everything You Need To Know About NOBULL Shoes

When gathering information for this NOBULL Shoes Review, there’s one thing that was quite evident about the NOBULL brand.

NOBULL doesn’t try to sell you on the idea that their shoes will help you achieve your fitness goals. They emphasize the fact that you have to put in the work to see results.

The brand launched in 2015 and has since worked on producing top-of-the-line products for their customers. But the question is, are the shoes worth it? 


No Bull Material

It’s impossible to talk about NOBULL trainers without mentioning their Super Fabric outer construction because it’s their most distinctive construction feature  in the history of shoes.

The NoBull Trainers feature a seamless one-piece upper that’s made of what is called the Super Fabric.  They are abrasion-resistant, breathable, waterproof the super fabric is very durable. These NoBull shoes will even resist the harshest of weather conditions, glass, even barbed wire.

Did you hear what I just said?

Yes, barbed wire, so to say these shoes are tough would be a major understatement. The scratch and slash-proof material is used in most motorcycle and military apparel.


Mid-foot and heel

The mid-foot and heel are also unique & noteworthy.  The NOBULLshoe’s mid-foot features five eyelets with metal rings with a breathable tongue.  When you really start to look at NoBull’s you start to understand the hype because they have features that no other shoes offer.

We love that the tongue has holes to enhance the shoe’s ventilation. However, we didn’t like that it doesn’t stretch. You’ll have to adjust it every time it moves out of place, which takes some getting use to.

The heel of the NoBull shoes has a simple design and mesh covering on the back. The unique heel cup is tougher than the rest of the material and features a unique cup about two inches high. Furthermore, the NoBull trainers feature a molded anatomical sock liner, that really improves the fit.


Midsole and outsole

Similar to the outer construction, the midsole and outsole are also quite simple. The midsole is about an inch high and features a unique light foam material which  does an excellent job at resisting compression when there’s additional weight.

The outsole is made of super thick rubber, and it lips over four points on the midsole. These include the heal, lateral and medial sides, and the toe. As a result, you get more durability (no toe lipping) and honestly a much better performance.


If you’re into cross-training like I am, you know that not just any shoes will  cut it. Cross-training shoes not only need to have incredible stability but also withstand your weight under a barbell.

Not to mention, the shoes have to be breathable to ensure comfort during the
high-intensity workout sessions.  If you are really into cross-training then you
probably already own a pair or two of NoBull shoes.


Therefore, this NOBULL shoes review wouldn’t be complete without evaluating these shoes’ from a performance point of view.   I love the NoBull brand because there you gotta put in the work motto is something they really believe.

We’re pleased to report that NOBULL shoes check all the boxes for high-quality CrossFit shoes.

These shoes have a versatile but stable midsole and outsole that can withstand the variety of weights you lift.

Furthermore, the heel-to-toe drop is a mere four millimeters, which means there’s barely any heel on these shoes.  I believe I get more versatility in my workouts.  I sincerley believe I get better results with my squats & deadlifts, my NOBULL shoes will provide me a support like I have experienced.

We also love that these shoes feature a versatile lug pattern that’s excellent for indoor and outdoor traction.


The last thing you need is a pair of shoes that provide excellent performance only to
wear out quickly. And frankly speaking, it wouldn’t be economical to replace these
trainers every few months because of the cost.  However I must admit that I loved
mine so much I sold some more stuff on eBay and bought another pair.



But don’t worry. NOBULL shoes are very durable. With the SuperFabric and impeccable construction of these shoes, it suffices to say that you’ll be using them for a long time,
but I bought another pair just because I love to wear them on a daily basis.


NOBULL Shoes Review: Our True Review

Based on these shoe’s features, it’s easy to understand why everyone’s raving about them.

The manufacturer uses high-quality materials to make the shoes, and you can tell a lot of thought went into crafting every detail.  There are no other shoes on the market crafted like this.

We also love the simplicity of the NOBULL shoes and the fact that they’re specifically designed for cross-fit, weight lifting, and intense work outs.

Although the price higher than many people normally invest in shoes,  the craftsmanship
and performance of these shoes make them worth every penny and honestly I would
pay even more now that I have had these on my feet.


But don’t just take our word for it.  You have seen all the testimonies and consumers
bragging about these shoes, but I will tell you, it is for good reason.



NOBULL Shoes Review: What Are People Saying?

While gathering information for this NOBULL shoes review, we considered what top athletes and experts sites had to say about them so we could share them with you in this article.

In his NOBULL shoes review, Jake Boly, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) raves about the NOBULL shoes and praises them for their consistency in and out of the gym.

Experts sites like Outdoor Gear Lab and Run Repeat have also reviewed these shoes, and they have great things to say about their performance and construction.

However, they complained about the shoe sizes being harder to find in smaller sizes compared to other brands.

Consumers love that these shoes are comfortable, versatile, and have an excellent fit. However some buyers have complained about the price.  I for one understand the cost objections.  At one time I felt the same way, all I can say is you have never had a pair on your shoes.

But overall, buyers love these shoes.


  • Top-notch construction
  • Comfortable
  • Supportive
  • Durable
  • Great for weightlifting
  • High-quality material
  • Excellent for everyday activities


  • Smaller sizes compared to other models
  • Highly priced

How Do They Stack Up To The Competition

A good NOBULL shoes review will also tell you how these shoes compare to the competition and whether or not you are getting the best deal for the price.

For this reason, we compared these shoes to four of the top brands on the market; Nike, Rebook, adidas, and Nordic Lifting. Let’s get this show on the road.


Nike Men’s Metcon 4 XD Training Shoe

The Nike Metcon 4 XD stands out for several reasons.

First, these cross-training shoes have incredible construction. They feature mesh-like cables believed to enhance the shoes’ durability and flexibility. In addition to this, the shoes feature rubber outsoles known to offer excellent traction.

And that’s not all. These Nike trainer’s heels are composed of TPU; a material that’s popular in cross-training shoes known to provide resilience to abrasion. Besides, TPU is lightweight and durable.

These shoes also feature a plastic heel cup that’s supposed to provide the support you need when training.

The upper portion of the shoes is made of mesh and thermal wrap. The mesh fabric is lightweight and breathable, thereby ensuring comfort throughout your workout.

When it comes to price, these shoes fall in the same price bracket as the NOBULL shoes.

Whichever you choose, we believe you’ll enjoy excellent performance and durability.


  • Comfortable
  • Great construction
  • Supportive


  • Expensive

Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker

The Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0 also gives the NOBULL shoes a run for their money.

These training shoes have the Reebok signature NanoWeave, a synthetic weave known to promote flexibility, durability, and breathability. In addition to this, the trainers have TPU rubber outsole that encloses the entire shoe and provides excellent traction.

And like the NOBULL shoes, these trainers also have a four-millimetre heel-to-toe drop, which means they’re excellent for weight lifting, cross-fit, and intense workouts.

The shoe features forefoot flex grooves that are believed to give your feet more flexibility and a natural feel inside the shoe. Furthermore, these shoes have a molded sock liner that cushions every step like the NOBull.

Unlike its predecessors, the Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0 also has a popular bootie construction for added comfort. And if you’re on the hunt for a budget-friendly option, you’ll love that these shoes are more affordable than the NOBULL shoes.

However, while these trainers are an excellent alternative to NOBULL, you may not enjoy the same durability you get from the NOBULLbrand.  At the time of this writing, these are my second choice. 


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Supportive


  • Smaller sizes compared to other brands
  • Not very durable

Adidas Men’s Powerlift 4

The Adidas Powerlift 4 is one of the most affordable weightlifting shoes on the market. However, despite its low price, Addidas doesn’t compromise on quality.

One of its noteworthy features is the outer canvas construction. Canvas is mostly used in bags and tents. Besides, it’s known for its durability. Therefore, you can expect as much from this shoe in terms of breath-ability. 

The material is also lightweight and maneuverable, which makes breaking into the shoes a hassle-free process. However, unlike NOBULL shoes, these shoes don’t have ventilation holes.

The lack of ventilation means the shoes can get really uncomfortable, especially if you’re training for many hours and you are use to the NoBull shows.  They will ruin you.

These Adidas shoes have a 0.6-inch heel, which is quite high compared to the other models. Nonetheless, the elevated heel would be excellent for beginner weightlifters.

The trainers also feature an EVA foam for additional heel support and a firm outsole for better stability.

Besides, the shoes have a Velcro overlap design that’s similar to the NOBULL lifters. Therefore, if this is the design you have in mind, it would be an excellent option if you’re on a tight budget.

However, you should know that these shoes aren’t as durable as the NOBULL shoes.


  • Very affordable
  • Great for weightlifting
  • Supportive


  • Not breathable
  • Some people may find the heel too high
  • Not the most durable

Nordic Lifting Weightlifting Shoes

The Nordic Lifting Weightlifting Shoes are also a quality alternative to the NOBULL shoes.

These trainers feature a sturdy Velcro strap and raised heel for enhanced support and stability. Furthermore, the sole is flat and ridged, thereby allowing you to feel anchored while training.

In addition to this, the shoes have a mesh panel over the toe that allows for air circulation. This feature is incredible for enhancing the comfort of the shoes according to my son who has a pair and he loves them.

However, you should know that the Nordic Lifting Weightlifting Shoes are a better alternative to the NOBULL lifters, which also feature the Velcro overlap design.

They’re a better alternative because they’re much more affordable. But you shouldn’t expect the same durability and performance you get from NOBULLlifters.


  • Perfect for weightlifting
  • Comfortable
  • Supportive


  • Not very durable
  • You can’t use them for everyday activities

Are NOBULL Shoes Worth It?

NOBULL shoe users have one thing in common; they’re all serious trainers, cross-fitters or weightlifters.  If this describes you, then NoBull shoes are a great investment.

They not only provide incredible support for weightlifting but are also very comfortable. Not to mention, the shoes are made of high-quality materials and have impeccable construction, so you won’t need to replace them any time soon unless you decide to buy another pair. 🙂 

They may cost a pretty penny, but we believe the NOBULL shoes are worth every penny!

Was this NOBULL shoes review useful? What do you think about these shoes?
Would you buy them? Share your opinion with us in the comments section. We
love hearing from our readers of


The Best Price on NoBull Shoes
I want to let you in on a obvious Secret for some but one that many may have not considered.  If you want to find the absolute lowest price for NoBull shoes you will find them on eBay.  I bought my second pair on eBay.

Hopefully in this article we have established the fact that these quite possibly are the very best work out shoes in the world.   However they aren’t cheap.  So before you buy your pair of NoBull Shoes I suggest that you at least check eBay to see if the style you are looking for at your size is  available,  you can click here now and do a quick search if you want.








The topic, on the whole, is having three main things to focus upon: first one woman, second one basketball shoes and last but not the least ankle support. We will brief you here with every concerned point under focus. Women nowadays enjoy equal rights as that of the men. They have developed a name in the field of basketball, which is considered as one of the famous sports worldwide. Women as compared to men have different physical dimensions, stature, and physique. They are having more flexibility and less stability as compared to men which increases the chances of injury. They need to pay more attention to the preventive measures to lessen the chances of injury, and for this purpose, there is the need for the best basketball shoes. While doing the survey, we came to know that the most common injury from which concerned players suffer is ankle injuries. So, there is a need for basketball shoes for ankle support. We are providing you with the knowledge about the best basketball shoes for the women that will help you support your ankle. We are also giving you a short account of the public reviews about particular products keeping in view both positive and negative opinions.


A correct pair of basketball shoes that yield excellent ankle support is essential. It helps you in the following ways:

  • It Increases the efficiency of performance.
  • It Minimizes the risk of injury.
  • It keeps you in a relaxed state of mind.
  • It enhances confidence and provides excellent support.



  • NIKE owns Jordan’s.
  • It has a long thick pad that provides excellent support.
  • Its zoom cushioning effect enhances stability and helps you perform effective moves.
  • Have a lightweight.
  • Its ankle strap can easily be adjustable.
  • Its fabricated skin gives a stylish outlook.
  • It is devoid of the complex lacing system.
  • These Jordan’s are excellent in providing the propulsion and helps you in producing bouncing movements.

Nike-Jordan-Why-Not-ZER0What is public opinion?

They praise its locking down of heel effect, which increases their efficiency on the court and prevents the slipping of the foot keeping it in its place. A large number of user’s also talked about its longevity and good strength which is an enjoyable feature.

They are found easy to become dirty as they are ready to pick up dirt when playing outdoor and needed to be cleaned more often. Some complaints regarding the difficulty in breaking and hard cushioning are present. Few possessors find ankle collar irritating. The problem with low breathability is among the reported issues.



  • Jordan brand keeping in view the demands of female athletes introduced female basketball shoes in 1985 for the first time. In 2011, the first WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) player, registered by Jordan. Over time, various additions keep on taking place with the Air Jordan’s series, and the recent one is Air Jordan 32.
  • While discussing their features, the most striking one is their traction due to the presence of crystal stuff and herringbone outsole.
  • The upper part is of highly developed interconnected material. The full fly knit is remarkably adaptable with the moving foot.
  • The Air Jordan wings sign is present on the tongue.
  • Its zoom air cushioning function prevents the effects of compressive and deforming forces that contribute to injury.
  • It is having a low top and contains a moderator plate.
  • Its lockdown is good enough with the remodeled flight speed system.


What is public opinion?

  • Most owners claimed that they don’t need frequent cleaning and are easy to use on and off the court. They seem quite fascinated by the ventilation of the shoes and no use of any glue. The traction, as well as material, is astonishing.
  • Some holders share that you people may feel difficulty in breaking in at the start but you need to wait for a while, and you will get comfortable.



  • As the name indicates, these are the third signature product of Stephen Curry and are available in different colors.
  • Fibre material used in shoes is similar to that found in a parachute which is commonly known as paracord. This attribute contributes to its lightweight.
  • Its thread borne design adds superb support and breathing system which prevents sweating of foot.
  • You can find Stephen’s signature and logo on the meta wing on its medial side.
  • Among excellent feature is the presence of additional collar around the ankle, which contributes to excellent ankle support and minimizes the possibility of direct blows to the ankle.
  • They are responsible for generating a quick response with the very first step you take by the fast redistribution of forces all over the foot.

The support is provided equally on the midfoot, forefoot and over the arches.

Under-Armour-UA-Curry-3-Low-Basketball-ShoesWhat is public opinion?

  • Many shoe keepers complement its proper ventilation, fabulous support, and lightweight. The quality of the components used in it is also worth mentioning. Their price is reasonable when compared with the features of the shoes.
  • Many users reported that these shoes are not having enough endurance and start wearing after using it for a week or so. They require frequent cleaning when used in a dusty field. Pain and blister formation in feet were also reported by some customers when used for an extended period. People having large feet may face a problem and find it narrow.



  • The shoes have quarter panels that lessen the weight of the shoes and helps in adding the balance.
  • It allows a wide range of motion at the ankle due to the presence of ankle sleeve, which provides comfort and softness. The jacket and quarter panel are in communication with each other without any bandage or stitches; hence there will be no chances of irritation.
  • The upper case is made up of thick material that specifically covers the toes and induces protection from smashes.
  • The system for ventilation of air through the mesh is quite good.
  • You don’t need to worry about your comfort level in the game if you are using these shoes.
  • The presence of speed sole in the midsole further contributes to durability.
  • The shock-absorbing ability of the shoe aids in intense movements of the foot.


What is public opinion?

  • The public mentioned its amplified stability and mobility and also ranked them the lightest one. There is no extra space when you break in due to which fitting is accurate. The dusty surface is not going to affect the traction of these shoes. The constituents are soft to touch and yields flexibility. Some even find these more supportive when compared with the high top shoes.
  • The problem of slipping of Heel is disclosed. Due to the use of soft materials in its making, its outdoor use is not good. Women may face the problem of size and must go for a smaller scale. In the first attempt, it may cause difficulty in breaking in; but with few runs, this problem can be solved.







  • Kobe AD was introduced in the market after the retirement of Kobe Bryant after he completed his twenty-year professional career.
  • The mesh upper is a breathable encompassing flywire that fulfills the criteria for performing explosive moves.
  • The outsole is slightly made up of rubber and proficiently provokes friction.
  • The Heel comprises a zoom air unit.
  • The materials used in production are up to the mark and ensures the durability of these shoes.
  • The accommodating area is adequate, and foot fits in easily without any internal movements taking place.
  • It is lightweight, and its shielding is very comfy. Accommodating in generating immediate responses and even can be used by sprinters.

NIKE-KOBE-ADWhat is public opinion?

  • Subjects flatter much about its fitting and midsole which feels very secure. There is no slipping of a foot in the shoe and provides an excellent lockdown. The outer sole ensures firm contact with the ground.
  • Due to the usage of soft material, they are susceptible to wear and tear; according to some owners. Therefore, outdoor use is not good. The shoes also lack proper ventilation and foot becomes moist quickly.



  • As it is clear from the name, they were designed keeping in view the sudden and jerky style of Kyrie Irving by the NIKE shoes.
  • They are having extreme flexibility and holding up capability.
  • The responsiveness of these shoes is also better and allows the timed reaction to different forces.
  • The signature logo of Nike is present on the side of the upper and aware of the real product. So, you don’t need to mess with the fake ones.
  • The lacing system provides an excellent lockdown for your foot and keeps it stable.
  • Although it is not a low top shoe, still it supports you in frequent shifting and jumping response.

The ankle supports the Air zoom cushioning is phenomenal. They are regarded as the lucky charms and considered as the best combo guard shoe.Nike-Mens-Kyrie-5-Nylon-Basketball-Shoes

What is public opinion?

  • The public appreciates its ability of not getting dirtier quickly and also mentions its long time use without getting any wear. The rate of ventilation, cushioning, and ankle support is amazingly impressive.
  • The minimal number reported about the pain after using it for the very first time. Fewer color schemes are available and hence fewer choices to select. You may need to mess with the time for breaking in.



  • These are Adidas one of the best responsive shoes having a signature by Derrick Rose. The response of the boots is directly related to the amount of energy you provide, i.e. more the power delivered, the more will be the result produced.
  • The upper case comprises interconnecting engineered material that supplies comfort, and the added TPU furnishes stability.
  • Its distinctive feature is its Geo beneficial arrangement that allows proper fitting of your foot in the shoes.
  • The presence of a heel counter makes you feel less worried about heel placement and ankle stability.

The boosting foam aids in keeping the balance and maintenance of different postures.

What is public opinion?

  • Many users claim that the grip is just superb even on the dusty floors. The traction provided is also worth mentioning. Most importantly, it supports the player in every position adopted by the players. The viewers also describe its lightweight and responsiveness at the forefoot and bouncing power at the Heel.
  • Some of the purchasers complain about the blister formation due to the stiff ankle collar. You may need more time to put it on. Due to their shape, the laces cause a sense of uneasiness when tightened.



  • The rubber sole contributes to providing an excellent grip on the ground.
  • Its peculiar lace system makes it different from the other basketball shoes and prevents pressure building and fits the foot in its place.
  • If you like diversity, then this is the best option for you as it has different fresh color options.
  • The boost returns the energy delivered every time you hit the floor and makes you feel light.
  • The prime knit upper ensures superb breathability and doesn’t make your foot feel wet.
  • Its sock-like bootie construction and TPU covering the midsole enhances the stability of the shoe. It has an infinity shank plate which provides the elastic effect.


What is public opinion?

  • Many testers find their color scheme impressive. Its traction, lightweight and ventilation are considered fascinating features. It’s stepping in comfort is also quite remarkable, some mentioned.
  • Most of the subjects don’t like its appearance much. You may find them narrow for the more full feet. So, go for half or one more substantial size. Some even claim them larger. Some users also reported slippage. The outsole started to wear off after some time and hence can not be fit for the longest time. Complaints about eyelets are present.


Most of the people have a misconception about the correct ankle support; they thought high ankle collar good for ankle support. So, we felt the need to correct you people and make you people know that the perfect ankle support is an inability to lockdown and fitting of your shoes. Besides this, you should know the basic knowledge about the boots and ankle support before buying any shoes. The things to focus upon are the material used, its strength and style. You people should know the fact that not each pair of footwear is suitable for everyone. Go for that pair of shoe that suits your physical, professional and financial aspects. Moreover, the selection of the right basketball shoes is crucial as it decides the way you are going to perform in the future. Ankle support is one of the prime needs you should look for as it is a nightmare for every athlete.