The 5 Best Basketball Hoops for the Driveway (Best at home baseketball Goal Systems)

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Basketball is a great game, growing up in the State of Kentucky with the University of Kentucky Basketball team I would say it is almost a religion.

As a kid, in my part of the United States, I don’t think I knew a anyone who didn’t have some type of basketball goal on their property.  You saw basketballs goals attached to trees, even barns.

In this article we are going to share with you the 5 best driveway basketball hoops available today. Yes there are dozens of basketball hoops in the market, but have chosen the very best 5 depending on your age, skill level, driveway space, and budget.

The quality of your equipment and the training aides and tools you use, including your hoop makes a difference.

Serious basketball players pay close attention to the equipment they use.  For instance, basketballers pay very close attention to the basketball sneakers they wear.  The last thing you want to do is work out or practice with equipment that is not as close as possible to what will be used in a game.

The hoop is a significant part of the basketball game. Without a basketball goal there is no game. For this reason, every hoop must be made from quality materials and must meet all regulation, especially the basketball hoop you practice on.

Young basketball players depend on driveway basketball hoops for consistent practice to improve their skills.  In this article we will share with you the Top 5 basketball hoops available in the market today.



Having a defective hoop smaller than the right height can through off a players game, even if it off by just a ½ inch.  The standard height for a basketball goal is 10 feet.

Typically, the hoop consists of a rim that stays attached to the blackboard, so when a skilled player tries to dunk, he can hang on to the rim for safety reasons, before dropping back to the ground.

In today’s world, young high school kids are learning how to dunk a basketball with baketball dunking vertical jump training programs.

Imagine the disaster it would cause the entire game if the hoop in every gym was different.  Over the years basketball hoops have gone from hanging above the garage  or even on trees and barns to quality driveway basketball set ups.

It’s common to see people install quality hoops at their home. Getting a proper hoop cannot be overemphasized; it ensures that your practice time will reflect positively when you suit up for the game.

In this article we will give a detailed review of the 5 best basketball hoops available today, that can be shipped to your door and set up quickly.

We looked at each hoop for price analysis and customer reviews, plus our personal experience with each basketball goal.

After reading through this, you should be able to make a logical choice between the five hoops that will be reviewed in this article.

We will cover individual features and specifications of each basketball hoop. You will also be able to compare the prices and know the best option for you based upon the space you have to work with and how serious the players in your household are about improving their game.

Basketball is a fun activity, and I think every home could benefit from having a basketball goal set up.  However many of you reading this have kids that are serious about the game, and hope to one day play for John Calipari and become part of Big Blue Nation.  😊  I respect that, so I want to give you the best advice possible based upon many of years of watching the progression of basketball goals being introduced to the market.


Additionally, please note that some these hoops are portable and some are in-ground.


A portable hoop has a base at the bottom that you fill with water, sand, or gravel to keep it stationary.

An inground basketball system is permanent in a fixed location, a hole is dug and it is place in the ground with concrete. Many hoop systems also feature bolting systems so they can be moved to a new location if they need to be.

Set up is a very simple job for a skilled handy man or concrete worker.   We have an inground hoop at our home.  I found a guy on Craigs list that installed it for me in about an hour for $50.00

In general inground, permanent goals are solid and the best type of hoop you can have if you have a serious basketball player in your family and you are not just adding a basketball goal for family outdoor fun.

Many people start with portable units, and then move up to inground systems as their child get older.  If budget is not an issue as a general rule go with an inground basketball goal set up.

The inground and portable systems we recommend can be adjusted from 7 1/2 feet tall to the standard 10 feet standard height.

So if you have a young player the basketball hoop can be adjusted down to the hoop height they will be using in the games.  Most leagues for younger players start with hoops that are 7 ½ feet instead of the standard 10 foot basketball goal.

At this point the only real question you need to ask yourself is do you want a more sturdy, permanent in ground basketball hoop, or do you want to start out with a portable one.?  After you answer that question these are the best basketball hoops available in both of those categories.






Easy to adjust and comes with engrained NBA logo (Portable)
SILVERBACK IN-GROUND BASKETBALL HOOP SYSTEM Offers strength for maximum performance
GOALRILLA BASKETBALL HOOP YARD SYSTEM Large defensive net to prevent continuous ball retrieving. (option)
LIFETIME PORTABLE BASKETBALL HOOP SYSTEM Very portable and features a weather-resistant net
Bodywell Indoor/Outdoor Portable Basketball Goal for KIDS.  Adustable 5.5 feet -8 1/2 feet.  Perfect Starter Hoop Includes Basketball & Pump






Spalding is a recognized world leader in providing quality outdoor basketball goals.  Driveways all over the world have the Hercules Portable Basketball Hoop from Spalding proudly displayed.

This is probably the most popular portable basketball goal in the world and for good reason.

This basketball system is a premium and top quality to consider for beginners or experienced players.   The height of the goal can be adjusted from 7 ½ to 10 feet easily in increments of 6”.  This in a system a new player can start with and enjoy throughout their playing career in you choose  not to opt for an inground system.

The 37 gallon base can be weighted with sand or water for stability. Interestingly, the system was built to resist corrosion or rust that helps prevent wear and tear.

This system features a 3 ½” in diameter steel pole that is angled at 20 degrees for safety. It prevents basketball players from running full throttle into a steel pole.

This system features a full size standard 54” ACRYLIC BACKBOARD backboard that creates game condition bounce and play, much different from a compressed wood backboard many competitors offer.


The entire system can be disassembled and reassemble if you move to another home.  This system also has two wheels in the base in case the occasion arises where it needs to be moved to a different part of the driveway.

If you are looking for a high-quality basketball goal system that provide years of play you can’t go wrong with the Spalding NBA Portable Basketball Hoop.








Silverback is known for providing Premier in-ground basketball goals that offer the performance of gymnasium-style goal

The Silverback SB60 is their top of the line in-ground basketball hoop system.  They are known for quality in-ground basketball hoops at the best prices available.  The Silverback SB60 Basketball goal system offers features that are usually found in basketball goal systems costing three times more money.


This Basketball Hoop System features:

Anchor mounting offers the strength of concrete and the option to unbolt and move goal

60″ Wide Tempered Glass  Backboard with Pro-Style breakaway rim fot those that learn how to dunk a basketball as they get older.

The height can easily be adjusted if you are going to have different groups of different ages and skills playing on your driveway basketball hoop.




The Goalrilla Basketball Hoop Yard System is considered the highest quality home basketball goal in the market.  Goalrilla also has an option for a custom provides a  protective nets that attach  behind the hopp.

This optional net serves as a guard that prevents the ball from going outside the court.

The only place our newphew could position his goal was at the end
of his driveway.   The end of the drive sloop down a hill of his backyard.  Everytime he shot the ball and missed it the ball we roll
25 yards down the hill of his backyar and into the woods behind his house.    Honestly, I am surprised the kid didn’t get burnt out on shooting hoops before he really ever got started, but he didn’t.  When his parents where ready to upgrade his backetball hoop from a portable to an inground unit and they asked for my recommendation, the choice was easy.  I recommended the Goalrilla basketball system simply because of the back net option.  My newphew, his name is Toby by the way has become quite the basketball player.  Hist parents say he spend all his time now practicing and is not wearing himeself out running up and down the hill in his backyard for the ball.

This option is also great if your goal is positioned around flower beds or other important landscaping that you don’t want to see destroyed.  Or even more important if your goal is positioned on a street with alot of traffic and you want to keep the ball from rolling out in the street.

The Gorilla FT54 and entire FT Series featues all the benefits you would expect in a high end basketball hoop system.

* Height Adjustabliity from 7 1/2′ to 10 feet

* Concrete Anchors

* Tempered Glass Backboards

*Break Away Rims

The Goalilla also featues some advanged structure features they call Three-Point Technology, that the review video below will tell you more about.  If price is no object the Goalrilla baseketball system with all the bells and whistles and optional protective net is the way to go.

GOALRILLA FT54 HOOP                                 


Another valuable accessory that is worth checking out if you want to really trick out your home basketball court is this Goalrilla LED Basketball Hoop Light.   This light  Illuminates backboard, Rim, and Court and Fits All Goalrilla and Other In-Ground Hoops








Lifetime is a well known USA based company recognized  for the production of quality basketball hoops. The products are made from quality steel frames shatterproof Makrolon.  Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoop System can be used by different people of different age levels and professional levels and has an adjustable height mechanism.

Typically, players may decide to raise or lower the system between 7.5ft to 10ft by using the power-lift mechanism. A remarkable feature of the basketball system is its very lightweight. The weight of the Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoop System makes it very portable and easy to use.

Unlike the silverback rim, its rim is not breakaway, making it more suitable for the casual player. The basketball hoop system has a tinted polycarbonate backboard making it look better than the average driveway  portable  basketball system.

The Lifetime portable system includes a heavy-duty portable base for a firm grip to the ground. Other specifications include a 35-gallon base size, slam it rim, 3-piece pole section, and 3.5-inch pole size. Surprisingly, the weight of the whole basketball goal  system is about 50lbs.








5.  Perfect Starter Basketball Hoop for Younger Kids.  Body Well Portable Hoop & Goal Basketball System Height Adjustable 65”-104” Come with Basketball & Ball Pump for Jrs.



Coach Cal would say, start them young.   Part of becoming a great fan when you are older is learning to love to play the game when you are young.  Kentucky Basketball fans are known for alot of words of wisdom on this topic, such as Momma’s don’t let your babies grow up to be Tennessee Vols Fans and I could go on and on, but I won’t.

Bottom line, this is the highest quality basketball hoop on the market at the best price in the smaller Jr. sizes 5 1/2 to 8 1/2 feet tall range.  It will last through a few kids, and will last for your childs brothers or sisters.  No one and done here, those are Kentucky basketball players you are thinking about. 🙂


You wil have this set up and ready to play within minutes after it arrives.





So, there you have it!; Five awesome hoops that will give you a perfect experience on the basketball court no matter your age or skill level. Every one of the basketball hoops has specific features that will give every player a seamless experience while playing basketball in the on the driveway & help you develop your skills so you are ready when you get in the gymn and the game starts.

If you are looking to choose between any of the hoops, you have to figure out the feature that appeals to you most. For instance, if you’re hoping to play basketball outdoors and want to set those boundaries, you might consider picking the Goalrilla Basketball Hoop Yard System because of its net structure. However, if I were to choose by considering the general features and the price, I’d shoot for the Silverback In-Ground Basketball Hoop System.   If you are looking for a portable system the Spalding Hercules can’t be beat.

If you a rookie, a new Jr. player you want to teach and help them develop a love for the game of basketball, the Body Well basketball system has the highest rating in the market.

I hope you got you questions answered and you have decided what driveway basketball system is best for you.
Enjoy playing and GO BIG BLUE!  🙂