How to Lace a Shoe







Besides choosing the right shoes, the use of the proper method to put it on, and your way of adopting a particular style that suits your personality is also significant. With the advent of the modern era, man has developed diversity in every aspect of his life; now, it has become demanding. Everyone wants to try variations regarding different subjects of their daily routine, explicitly including food, dresses, styles, shoes, fashion, and many other things. When it comes to lace up your shoes, many people don’t know much about it.






you should know the following points before adopting any method to protect you from the future queries:

  1. You should know the type of laces that suits your shoe.
  2. You should have little know-how about the material of the laces.
  3. The right and left sides of the laces should be kept equal before adopting any method.
  4. Start from the top holes i.e., holes of the toes side.


There is no need to stress your brain for this issue. We finally came up with the best methods for you people to enhance your self-awareness and provide you with the chance to try variations with your shoes by changing different laces and thank us later. These techniques are a:


It is the most ordinary method for lacing up your shoes. Most people use this technique all over the world. We are considering five holes shoe as standard to demonstrate this mechanism. We start our demo considering you people as beginners so that it will be easy for you to understand it. Following events help you to go through the quick demonstration:

  • Place both ends of the shoelace from inside to the outside on the top hole.
  • Left side: Take the left side of the lace to the next hole of the right side upside down.
  • Pass the same end to the hole of opposite left side from inside to outside and following the same pattern.
  • Right side: In the same manner, take the right side of the shoelace to the next hole on the left hand such that it resembles the intersecting diagonals passing through the square.
  • Repeat the procedure for the remaining holes in the same pattern.


  • Keeping in view the pre-requisites, we are taking the equal length of laces on both sides.
  • Pass both ends of laces through the right and left hole from the external surface of a breach to the internal surface.
  • Take the left side of lace-up to the second hole of the left side from inside to the outside.
  • Carry the same end to the second hole of the right side.
  • The second end of lace from the first hole of the right side is taken up to the third hole and taken outside.
  • The same procedure repeats with the remaining ends skipping the hole for alternative endings.


it is a newly introduced method. As the name indicates, contrasting laces are in use in this method.

  • The color you wanted to act as a base comes first.
  • Use the straight lacing technique to make the base of the shoelace with the color you wanted.
  • After that, use another lace of contrast color and pass its one end between the straight pattern of lace in such a way that it comes alternatively on the top and bottom of the base lace.
  • Match the length of free end with that of the open end of the lace used for making the base.
  • Repeat the alternative method two to three times with the already used end of the contrasting lace to make layers of a different color so that it turns around and comes along the other free end of the base.
  • Tie the free ends of both the laces together and make a knot.



  • Straighten your laces with the help of your hand.
  • Put the one end of lace in the first hole such that it passes from the inner side to the outer side of the tunnel.
  • Cross the ends of lace in your hands to the opposite side. Cross it one more time, and you will see that a loop will be present.
  • After that, pass the end of lace from inside to outside of the second hole to both sides.
  • Repeat the method for each hole.
  • If you have done it right then, a series of loops will be in the middle of two adjacent pairs of holes.


  • Pass both sides of the lace from the external surface to the internal surface of the first hole.
  • Take the left side of the shoelace out from the third hole of the left side, skipping the second hole and rest it aside for a while.
  • Take the right end of the lace and pass it from the immediate second hole of the right side.
  • Insert this end into the opposite hole of the left side from upside down and take it out from the third hole of the left side from inside out.
  • Pass this end from the opposite hole i.e., a third hole of the right side.
  • Reconsider the left side that was kept aside and pass it from the fifth hole skipping the fourth hole in the inside out order.
  • Repeat the same sequence for the right side as used for it before.
  • The last step is hiding the knot under cover of the tongue of the shoe. Due to this step, the method is magic knotting as a knot cannot be clear from the surface of the shoe.
  • We are pretty sure that you can quickly master these techniques with the material we provided to you people. We recommend you to adopt that style that fits your profession, personality, and need and got updated by selecting the new techniques we are sharing with you.


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