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Traction is one of the most important things to consider if you are playing basketball competitively.  In our style, fashion conscious wold, buying a basketball shoe with great traction on the court is something that many times is overlooked.   So here at we thought it might be helping to share with our readers, the top 10 list of best traction basketball shoes which will help you to choose the best shoes to buy for your particular situation.



What are the Best Basketball Shoes for Traction?

Here are the Good Shoes for traction and Comparison while playing Basketball.



Comparison of Traction Shoes for the Basketball

Nike Men’s Air Versatile II Basketball Shoe

  • Looks perfect
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Super lightweight
  • Too much tight


This basketball shoe is black and white which will match with any team uniform.  These shoes are available in many sizes for children and adults.  The pneumatic soled heels produced by the NIKE brand provide maximum support to help you make quick cuts on the basketball court.  The rubber base has a herringbone design that provides excellent traction and will help prevent falls. This shoe molds to your foot, it becomes part of your body and provides a support that is hard to find in other shoes.

This basketball shoe has been designed for the most versatile player looking for the best comfort and support in basketball shoes. The firewire cables in the shoe provide excellent stability in the center of the foot, and the extra soft and luxurious foam in the heel will keep you locked in this shoe.

The Nike Air Men is known for its versatility & now available in a variety of colors for perfect combinations for feet  of different sizes. The heel of the insole provides maximum support for running and jumping in a basketball game. A rubber-based herringbone pattern provides incredible traction to help you make quick moves on the courts.

What people are saying about the Nike Air basketball shoe?

Almost all the users are happy with Nike Men’s Air Versatile Ii as it is super lightweight. They like the stylish look and the comfort as well. Still, a lot of users have issues with the super tight fit.  Some love a tight fitting shoe, other don’t care that much for the tight fit.

The Nike Air is a stylish shoe, that will provide you an extra level of traction on the court.





Adidas Kid’s Pro Spark

  • Great stability
  • Very comfortable and perfect
  • Cheaply made


This Adidas black and white basketball shoes is only available for children. More extensive seating and rubber sole for traction. Cloud foam midsole for comfort. These Kid’s basketball shoes are as comfortable as they are popular. With this shoe, the fit will further expand & facilitate the sometimes jerky movement of children. Ortholite insole provides support when you wear shoes for a long time and offers fast side-by-side stability and have been designed for safety and comfort.

What people are saying about the Adidas Kids Pro Spark?

Purchased for my wife as shoes for playing tennis. She reports: In addition to the natural ankle support of the high-top, the side to side stability is excellent. The arch is a little flat for her, but she has high arches. She really likes the looks/style and the size 5.5 in youth was perfect for her size 7 feet.






AND1 Kids Show Out Basketball Shoe

  • Quality over quantity
  • Perfect fit
  • Excellent price point
  • Not at all


This AND1 children’s basketball shoe is available at an affordable price and is available in blue and white and many other colors. They are light and in good shape. AND1 specializes in sport’s shoes. These basketball shoes are breathable for long-lasting comfort, and all the materials used are incredibly lightweight. It is the best shoe for kids as well. 

What People are saying about this?

Buyers are are very satisfied with this shoe.  A quality shoe, great fit and reasonable price.





NIKE Men’s Lebron Soldier IX

  • Great comfortable and support
  • Stylish shoe
  • Perfect fit
  • Not at all

Probably the most popular basketball shoe for traction in the world. This shoe material is synthetic. The lightweight and upper part changed to increase comfort by closing the foot. Besides, the inner sheath completely covers the foot and therefore offers additional support through breathability. It integrated with an innovative adjustable belt system that locks the foot thoroughly, i.e., from front to back and the sides. The outsole has a hexagonal pattern for better versatility.

The design and construction are flawless. There are “wings” behind the shoe that increases stability.

What people are saying about this?

If you’re a player who always looks forward to getting a fantastic stylish shoe with perfect support and comfortability, then this is what you were looking for?





Nike Air Force 1 High ’07

  • Great high tops
  • Good quality
  • Several color choices
  • Material not good at all


Airplane UU., Air Force One, since 1982, superior to the Nike Men Air Force. This shoe is famous for being the pioneer basketball shoe that makes game-changers for legendary players like Charles Barkley and Moses Malone. Full length, with a massive midsole. It also features soft, flexible, comfortable, lightweight, and durable Nike Air cushioning. The silhouette of AF1 changes; It can be weak, moderate, or high. The shoe enhances support with leather upper for durability and perfect fit.

There is a strap on the ankle for a secure lock. Nike Air Force gives superior feeling and durability thanks to its suede structure. Allows breathing through holes. The sole of the shoe is non-marking rubber with a pivot point for durability and traction. The material is synthetic and mesh.  One of the most loved basketball shoes in history.

What people are saying about this?

According to many buyers, this shoe is perfect as it’s an all-rounder shoe having all the significant technologies and features that every shoe brand is trying to copy.







Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive

  • Ultra boost
  • Feels great while wearing
  • A bit heavier


The rumor is this shoe will make you jump out of the gym while providing great traction on the court.


The truth is these shoes are miracles in shoe technology.  The energy you apply  determines the power you gain but  many agree these shoes can take your game to the next level.   The elevator tightened in the heel area due to the holes in the rubber cage. The crazy explosive shoe has a traction pattern that looks like a labyrinth with thick lines.


The coarse grooves are wide enough to provide traction, even with dust particles on the base. When the player cuts, the outsole covers the midsole for more excellent stability and traction. For minimizing breakage, the lacing system has recently been updated. To be precise, the lacing system is anatomical. It reduces the pressure caused by shoe strings. It also offers the perfect lock for your foot.

The upper part is xenon, and the inner lining of the shoes made of a fabric that enhances comfort. Also, it will be an excellent choice for wide feet players.     


You simply cannot go wrong with this shoe Adidas Crazy Explosive, if you have never had these on your feet you are in for a treat!


What people are saying about this?

The phrase that best describes these shoes has been ultra boost with traction.





Under Armour Kids’ Micro G Pursuit

  • Durable and great looking
  • Stylish and fits perfect
  • Good quality
  • Not at all

This kids shoe is world famous for its anti-odor technology; It extends over the stencil to prevent the growth of germs, causing a bad smell.  This shoe is designed for maximum speed on the basketball court.  If you have a fast kid, this is the shoe.  The upper part of the shoe is medium-sized to provide ankle support.

The shoe fits perfectly. Therefore, we recommend that people choose the smallest size for those whose measurements are uncertain and want to fit tight;  Those who prefer a loose fit choose the highest setting. The outsole is made of rubber.   This is a great shoe and very popular for multiple reasons, of course moms love the anti-odor-tech.  🙂

What people are saying about this?

This shoe has more than 90% positive response, customers love the unique features of the shoe and the very areasonable price,




Nike Men’s Air Jordan 1 Mid

  • Cool and very comfortable
  • Perfect fit
  • Size issues sometimes

Nike AJ1 `85 for men wears the style of AJ1. Skin; It can be authentic, synthetic, and even textiles — the frame made of leather. On top, the shoe carries the Jordan Wings logo. The single air unit adds style, cushioning, protection, and comfort.

The design of the shoe is such that it has holes that increase the breathability of the forefoot. The shutdown is connected. A rubber outer sole provides traction. This out sole has a unique pattern designed with precision on the basketball court.  What more can you say?  It’s an Air Jordan for heavens sake.

What people are saying about this?

All users are satisfied with this shoe, most agree one of the best shoes in the market place for the price.





Editor’s Choice

In the list of best basketball shoes for traction & control on the basketball court,  Our pick for #1 is  the

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive



Honestly you cannot go wrong with any of the shoes we have reviewed here, they are provide excellent traction
on the basketball court, but if you have never had a pair of  Crazy Explosives on your feet, you are in for a great

Buying Guide for Choosing Best Basketball Shoes With Traction

Remember that basketball shoes aren’t like your regular sneakers, so there are a lot of things your regular sneakers can’t do that basketball shoes can,  So it really comes down to what you need personally from your shoe.  Do you need extra ankle support?  Their are shoes for that.  Do you have flat feet?  There are shoes for that.   Yes,  even if you’ve flat feet issues.  At   Best Basketball Shoes we try to cover every angle and every special circumstance you may have when finding the right show, we hope you will take time to read through the review categories on our website.

Our goal is to help you choose the perfect show for you, and your game.  Here are some more tips for you when it comes to finding the perfect basketball shoe.

It gives you sensitivity while playing and keeping your feet steady. In short, basketball shoes significantly affect your game and the way you play. Therefore, you must make sure that you choose the right shoe for you.

We thought a lot about this idea, and then we had the idea of writing a purchase guide for you. Things to keep in mind before buying your basketball shoe.


Measure Your Feet


Most basketball players don’t think it’s important, but we’ll tell you the opposite. If you want to buy the best pair of basketball shoes for your game, it is essential to measure the width and length of your feet, as players often prefer to neglect because they think they know their size. But we want to tell you that the shape and length of your feet change over time. Therefore, you must measure your feet before wearing basketball shoes.


Try your shoes on as soon as they arrive.


Try your shoes on and get to the gym as soon as you can after they arrive.  Jump up and down and make lateral movements to understand how the basketball shoe feels.  Be happy and confident in your purchase.


More and more shoes are bought online today.  Most of the shoes we talk about here at you know about and probably have a friend that owns a pair, always choose a size and purchase the shoes that come with the exchange or refund policy.  Return or replace the shoes quickly if they don’t fit properly.


Compare Shoes


Compare prices and compare prices before buying a shoe will also expand your horizons. You can learn more about the brands and shoes they offer. Not to mention the shops that sell them cheap. Even you can look if that shoe can’t use as an outdoor basketball shoe.



Consider The Cushioning


What is the essential aspect of having the best basketball shoes? They know that they are incredibly comfortable to play. The convenient factor in basketball shoes is due to cushioning. Please do not choose a pair of shoes, because it has a good design, consider all the necessary aspects.


Your basketball shoe needs to be comfortable, for you as an individual.  There are two types of fillers to consider: foam filler or air-based filler. Both work efficiently and offer all the comfort you need.  Some people prefer one over the other, but must players are comfortable with both.


Consider The Outsole


Another important aspect of basketball shoes to consider is the outsole. Not all insoles are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Some are designed for indoor use only, others for outdoor use.  Most ngs you need to check are the thickness, traction, and softness of the sole. It also depends on the type of terrain you play. Make sure the outsole is firm enough and does not slip.


Body type


Most players will enter the market and start looking for options. They don’t think physical or body weights are essential to finding the right basketball shoe. Not all basketball shoes carry heavy, heavy people. Like all low-weight players, they cannot wear heavy shoes.

It designed for different body types only. Think about your body type and body weight. Then start looking for basketball shoes that fit your body, body, and weight.  This is not as big of factor as retail stores try to make it be.  Most armature players are not the size of NBA players, so as a general rule if an NBA player is wearing the shoe, then you or I probably have no worries.




We know that people don’t want cost to be a buying factor, but fortunately or unfortunately. The price always determines the quality or collect-ability of the shoe. While maintaining this perspective, we encourage our readers to consider a variety of options before making the final purchase.  Some shoes sky rocket in value not necessarily because of quality but because  many shoes have become collectors items.   Flipping sneaker is a real business for many young entrepreneurs.

There are many basketball shoes available that offer maximum functionality at minimum price tags.  Just because it may not be the hot collectible shoe right now, does not mean the shoe won’t serve your well on the basketball court.   Many of the people in the basketball collectible shoe market have never played an organized league basketball game since they were in elementary school.   So price is not always an indication of the performance of the show on the basketball court.

We have seen huge online show companies like StockX emerge and we have also heard the horror stories that go with it.  In general we recommend that basketball players don’t look to stock X for there shows but more focus on consumer market places like Amazon & Ebay.

Here at Best Basketball Shoes our goal is only share the best basketball shoes at the best market price.

If you think there is another tip you’d like to add, let us know in the comments.


Which basketball shoes perform best on dusty courts?


If you not always a professional basketball player who plays on the hardwood with virgin and fresh wax, you probably know basketball courts that can be easily used as an ice rink. If your court covered with a thick layer of dust, no shoe would stick well to the floor. But some shoes work better than others.


Look for a traction pattern with deep and wide grooves


If the traction grooves are too narrow and shallow, they quickly clogged with dust. It slips crazy as soon as it happens because the rubber of his shoe can’t touch the ground.

Another problem of narrow grooves: Wiping dust becomes so much harder!


Get solid rubber colorways


While this is not true for every shoe and every brand, the translucent colors, in general, seem to attract much more dust than solids.


How can I improve the traction of my basketball shoes?


There is no magic formula that allows old basketball shoes to glue to the floor, but there are some things you can do to improve traction.


Wiping A lot


He goes without saying. The tread pattern grooves become increasingly shallow over time, which means that you will have to clean much more to remove dust from the rubber surface.


What’s the best traction pattern for basketball shoes?


There are so many different traction patterns – it’s impossible to keep track. But there are a few things you can look out for.


Basketball Shoe patterns should be multi-directional


A versatile pattern has grooves in all directions that provide grip not only when you accelerate in a straight line, but also when making lateral movements such as transitions or defense landslides.

Occasionally, unique sneakers go crazy with specific little details and stories that look good but are detrimental to performance. If you want a basketball shoe that works well on the court, don’t fall for the striking design: functionality must always come first!