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In recent years, the world of sports card collecting has experienced a remarkable resurgence, with basketball cards leading the way. Basketball card enthusiasts and investors are increasingly turning their passion for the sport into profitable endeavors by buying, selling, and flipping cards. The market for these cards has reached unprecedented heights, with rare cards fetching astronomical prices. In this article, we will delve into the world of basketball card investment and provide a comprehensive guide on how to make money by buying, selling, and flipping basketball cards. We will also explore examples of high-priced basketball cards that have been sold, showcasing the incredible potential in this hobby.

  1. The Resurgence of Basketball Card Collecting

The resurgence of basketball card collecting can be attributed to several factors:

a. Popularity of the NBA: The National Basketball Association (NBA) has a global fanbase, with players like LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant achieving iconic status. This has translated into a strong market for their trading cards.

b. New Generation of Collectors: A new wave of collectors, often with a focus on nostalgia and investment, is entering the hobby. Many collectors who loved the sport in the ’80s and ’90s are now in a position to invest in cards they once cherished.

c. Online Marketplaces: Online platforms like eBay, StockX, and PWCC have made it easier than ever to buy and sell cards. These platforms have expanded the reach of the hobby and increased market liquidity.

  1. Research and Education

Before you start investing in basketball cards, it’s essential to educate yourself about the hobby. Begin by familiarizing yourself with the various types of cards, including base cards, rookie cards, autographed cards, and memorabilia cards. Rookie cards, in particular, tend to hold significant value and are often the focus of collectors and investors.

A great place to learn more about Basketball Card Collecibles is Collect Direct. 

Some key terms and concepts to understand:

a. Grading: Card grading is the process of evaluating a card’s condition and assigning it a grade. Third-party companies like PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator) and BGS (Beckett Grading Services) provide these grades, which significantly impact a card’s value.

b. Player Popularity: The popularity and performance of NBA players greatly affect card values. Superstar players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Luka Dončić have cards that command high prices.

c. Rarity: Limited edition cards, low print runs, and cards with unique features, such as patches or autographs, are often more valuable.

  1. Identifying Investment-Worthy Cards

When it comes to investing in basketball cards, not all cards are created equal. Some characteristics of investment-worthy cards include:

a. Rookie Cards: Rookie cards are the first cards featuring an NBA player in their official NBA uniform. These are often highly sought after by collectors and investors.

b. Low Print Runs: Cards with a limited print run are more valuable because they are scarcer. Look for cards with serial numbering.

c. Autographs and Memorabilia: Cards featuring player autographs or pieces of their game-worn jerseys or equipment can command high prices.

d. Historical Significance: Cards featuring iconic moments or players with historical significance, such as Michael Jordan’s Fleer rookie card, tend to hold enduring value.

  1. Building a Diverse Portfolio

Diversifying your basketball card collection is crucial to managing risk and increasing the potential for profits. While superstar rookie cards are enticing investments, it’s wise to consider vintage cards, cards of up-and-coming stars, and even cards of coaches and legends who have influenced the game.


Here’s a hypothetical example:

Imagine you’re investing in basketball cards in 2023. You could include a mix of cards in your portfolio:

  1. LeBron James’ rookie card: As an established superstar, this card offers stability and a history of appreciation.
  2. Luka Dončić’s rookie card: A young, emerging star with the potential for significant value growth.
  3. Tim Duncan’s rookie card: A Hall of Famer and a key figure in NBA history, offering long-term value.
  4. Limited edition autographed cards of current All-Stars.
  5. Iconic vintage cards like Michael Jordan’s Fleer rookie card.
  6. Timing and Patience

Timing is a crucial aspect of basketball card investing. The market can be volatile, and prices can fluctuate based on player performance, media attention, and trends in the hobby. Be patient and prepared to hold cards for the long term to maximize potential returns.

  1. Selling Strategies

When it comes to selling basketball cards, you have several options:

a. Online Marketplaces: eBay, StockX, and other platforms are popular for selling cards. They offer a wide audience and provide tools for tracking sales trends.

b. Auction Houses: Auction houses like Heritage Auctions often handle high-value cards, including those from rare vintage sets.

c. Local Card Shops: Some card shops buy and sell cards. It’s worth checking if they’re interested in purchasing your cards.

d. Card Shows: Attending card shows can be an excellent way to connect with collectors and dealers and potentially find buyers for your cards.

  1. Examples of High-Priced Basketball Cards

To illustrate the potential in the world of basketball card collecting, let’s look at a few examples of high-priced cards that have been sold in recent years:

a. 1969 Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) Topps Rookie Card: In 2019, a PSA Gem Mint 10-graded Alcindor rookie card sold for over $1.8 million, setting a record for the highest price paid for a basketball card at the time.

b. 1986-87 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie Card: The Michael Jordan rookie card has consistently appreciated in value. In 2020, a PSA Gem Mint 10-graded Jordan rookie card sold for over $738,000.


c. 2018-19 Panini National Treasures Luka Dončić RPA: Luka Dončić’s rookie patch autograph card from National Treasures is highly sought after. In 2021, one of these cards, numbered to 99, sold for over $4 million.

d. 2003-04 Exquisite Collection LeBron James RPA: LeBron James’ rookie card from the Exquisite Collection is considered one of the most valuable modern cards. In 2021, a BGS 9.5-graded LeBron RPA sold for over $5.2 million.


Investing in basketball cards can be a rewarding and profitable endeavor, but it requires careful research, a diversified approach, and patience. The examples of high-priced basketball cards that have been sold demonstrate the incredible potential in this hobby, with some cards commanding prices in the millions. Whether you’re a long-time collector or a newcomer to the world of basketball cards, understanding the market, identifying investment-worthy cards, and adopting a strategic approach can help you turn your passion for the game into a lucrative financial opportunity. Remember that the basketball card market can be subject to fluctuations, so it’s essential to approach it with a long-term perspective and a commitment to learning and adapting to the changing landscape of sports card collecting.



In this article I am going to share with you a simple system that will enable you to become the best free throw shooter on your basketball team.  This is a simple system that will work for you, but there is a catch it is simple to do, so it is easy not to do.

The reason I am writing this article is my granddaughter is starting to become a serious basketball  player.  Her name is Chapel Brown.  I have shared bits and pieces of this system with her since she has been playing, but never really explained why I am so passionate about the importance of free throw shooting.   So in a sense, I am writing this article for her, and publishing it here at in hopes that it will encourage, help and inspire other basketball players.


The truth is 95% of the people will find this article will breeze over it and not read it, not put the system into practice.  If you are one of the rare few that takes the information seriously, and actually puts it into practice what I share,  you will become known as the best free throw shooter on your team and maybe in the entire league you play in.

Yes! YOU can do it and success starts with YOUR DECISION to become the BEST Free throw shooter on your team.  Can you make a quality decision and promise to yourself?  If you can, let’s begin.

When I started playing school basketball years ago, I was not the tallest person on the team, I was not the fastest and I didn’t have a basketball hoop in my driveway where I could practice any time I wanted to.   However, I was smart, and I didn’t mind working and practicing hard at something I enjoyed.   So you must learn to love the game and enjoy the competition.  If you can’t learn to love what you are doing, then maybe you should do something else?

No matter your personality off the court, when you step on the court you MUST turn into a WARIOR.  I will probably write  an article just on this topic in the future, but for now, just understand how important the WARRIOR MENTALITY is.  You are not on the court to make friends, there is time for that after the game, for those few minutes while you are on the court your goal is to be a WARRIOR and DOMINATE.   I call this the X factor.  It didn’t come naturally for Koby, it is something he consciously, intentionally, developed, and you can to.  I din’t understand this in my early years of playing organized sports, but the qucker you accept this and make a conscious decision to bring out the inner warrior when you step on the court the quicker and further you will progress.

So I made the conscious decision that I was going to become the best free throw shooter on our team.  It was not something I announced to the world, it was just a private decision that I made, an agreement with the person staring me back in the mirror.  A promise to myself to dedicate myself and practice a little more on free throw shooting than most people were willing to practice.

“Successful people are willing to do, what normal people, aren’t”
Dale Calvert

I made that decision when I was in the 5th grade, but you can make it at anytime along your basketball journey.  I don’t care if you are a senior in college, it is never too late to make the decision to become THE BEST free throw shooter on your team.   Too bad Shak didn’t make that decision at some point along his career.

There is just no exuse for a serious basketball player to be an average free throw shooter.



As I said earlier, I made that decision when I was in the 5th grade.   At that time our counties elementary basketball teams where made up of 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.     We had 7 other elementary schools in our county and our season consisted of playing each team in our county twice, once in their gym and once in ours.  We may have had an exhibition game or two before the season actually started.  During the year we would maybe play a couple of games with schools in close by counties that bordered our county if both schools had an open date or something.

So we had a season that consisted of about 20 games with a tournament at the end of the year.

The 4th and 5th graders made up the B Team, they would play first on game night. Then the A team would play which was mostly 6th graders and few 5th graders would be invited to  dress out.

So my 5th grade year I was the starting point guard on the B team and was one of a few 5th graders that dressed out for the A team game as well.   At the beginning of the year I made the goal to have the best free throw shooting percentage on the entire team.

As a 4th grader I had ended up with the 11th best free throw percentage on the total team of 22 players.  Knowing I wasn’t going to start for the A team, I felt like setting the goal to be the best free throw shooter on the team was something that was possible for me, if I worked hard at it.

The truth is, it is possible for anyone if they are willing to put in the work, because most players aren’t willing to work hard enough at their craft.    They would rather spend their time shooting  worthless trick shots or lofting shots from half court.  There is a time for fun, and basketball trick shots, but it is more important to master the basics first if you are a young player, and nothing is more basic in basketball than free throw shooting.

So to make a long story short.  I ended the year with the best free throw percentage on our team, at around 78%.    We had 11 six graders on the team, and I was one of 4  B team players that dressed out for the A team games. I was the starting point guard on the B team.   We finished the county tournament that year in third place behind power houses Garth and Eastern Elementary.

So my sixth grade season I went into the season with 3 goals.

* Lead the team in free throw shooting,

* Lead the team in assists

* Our team to win the county tournament.

The huge favorite to win the tournament was Eastern elementary.  They had three 5th graders that had started on their A team the previous year and they were all returning.   So during the regular season, I led the team in assist and free throw percentage.   However, we played Eastern three times, once in an exhibition before the season started and twice during the season.  They drilled us all three times winning by and average margin of 14 points, the games weren’t even close.

So in the tournament tournament at the end of the year, it icame down to us needing to beat Gath to get to the championship game to play Eastern.  Garth had beat us twice during the regular season.  They had a guard named Tommy White who was one of the fastest players our county had ever seen.   In the semi-final game, we played a box and one defense and double teamed Tommy every time he touched the ball.  We ended up winning that game by 3 points.

In the championship game with Eastern our team wanted the win, and we wanted it bad.  We had been playing these guys since the 4th grade and had never won a game against them.

Old timers told me that the final game was the most exciting back and forth game ever played in our county’s elementary tournament history.  We won the championship in double overtime on a last second shot.

I hit 15 out of 16 free throws, and lead our team in scoring, for the first time ever in my basketball life.

The next year all the sixth graders went to Jr. High so you had all the players from all 7 elementary schools trying to make a 15 person roster.  I made the team, was the starting point guard and captain.

Would that ever have happened if I hadn’t made the decision in the 5th grade when it really didn’t matter that much, to challenge myself and become the best free throw shooter on our team?  Who knows?  But here is the formula, and I have taught it to several young basketball players over the years.  Those who take the formula seriously, practice on the court and in their mind become the best free throw shooters on their team, those that don’t …………..don’t.





    The GOAL is not to make it ……The goal is too swish the free throw and never hit the rimPlease don’t take rule number one for granted.  For your free throw to be successful you must swish it and not hit the rim.  At the end of every successful free throw say to yourself in your mind or out loud …………… SWISH.
  • RULE TWO.. ABNORMAL FOCUSFrom the moment you step on the Free throw line FOCUS, and imagine the ball swishing through the basket.  It is not about looking cool, it is about swishing the shot, nothing else, and block out everything else  (This type of focus is a learned skill)
  • RULE THREE .. SAME ROUTINE – EVERY TIMEThe same routine every time, every free throw. If you watch the great free throw shooters in college, or the NBA. they  go through the same routine with FOCUS every time.Most experienced baksetball players have heard these 3 tips their entire basketball career, but how many are following them, EVERYTIME, they step to the line?   “Knowledge without action leads to self-delusion”    However very few have heard Tipe #4 and I would say it is probably the most important.
    Hit 25 straight free throws in YOUR MIND every night before you go to sleep. I cannot stress how important this step is.  I did it every night from the 5th grade forward that I played organized basketball.     THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP.

Today, I work as a motivational speakers, and have a course called Programming Your Mind for Success.   The vizulization technique that I unknowingly, just instinctively practiced in the 5th grade is part of what I teach in the course today to adults.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz talks about a study of free throw shooters who drastically increases their free throw percentage by not practicing on the court, but just in their minds, in one of the best self help books every written, PSYCHO-CYBERNETICS.


Anyone who makes a commitment to themselves and follows these four steps will become the Best Free Throw Shooter on their team.  I have watched it happened over and over, so the real question is how bad do you want it?  Are you wiling to follow the 4 steps?  Most people will not take this 4 system secret basketball formula serious enough.  Will you?  Those that do, WILL REAP THE REWARDS!


The ball is in your hands now, go swish some!











How to Jump Higher (How Athletes Can Jump Higher on the Basketball or Volleyball Court )



There are several successful Jump Higher products and course available online, and
we will cover the top 3 in this article.  If you want to save time, the very best value
for the money, and the results you will receive, IF YOU ARE WILLING TO WORK.  Is
Coach Jason’s jump manual.  Just click the photo below and you will be able to access
all the video proof to you will ever need.  Click the picture and prove to yourself that
if you are a serious athlete, the Jump Manual is what you have been looking for.
click here


How to Jump Higher with Our Vertical Jump Guide   Coach Cal

How to Jump Higher: the Vertical Jump Guide For Basketball & Volleyball Players

How to Jump Higher Sections:

  • What does Vertical Jump Mean?
  • How do you Test your Vertical Jump?
  • How can you increase your vertical jump?
  • Does lifting weights increase vertical jump?
  • Do Resistance bands help you jump higher?
  • Does stretching help your vertical jump?
  • What is the best vertical jump program to follow?
  • How to dunk a basketball?
  • What are the benefits of jumping higher?
  • What vertical jump training equipment should I use?


If you took a poll of what many athletes wanted to improve the most, their vertical jump would be at the top of their wish list . Athletes playing basketball and volleyball rely on their verticals in a number of ways, but one major way is it gives them an edge to stand out among  their peers. Players want to jump higher and coaches are looking for players that can put some space between their feet and the court. Coaches will tell you the best way
to improve your game on the basketball or volleyball court is to improve your vertical jumping ability.

But what if you don’t have a great vertical? Not every player is blessed with the ability to jump high – and that’s where we are here to help. We put together a Vertical Jump Guide to help you increase your vertical. In this guide, we’ll break down proven documented drills to start incorporating into your workouts.

When you combine our Vertical Jump Guide with hard work, commitment, and motivation – the sky’s the limit – literally. It won’t happen overnight, but stay the course and watch as those results start showing up in your game.   The testimonies from athletes around the world, and the videos on our website kinda speak for themselves, they really are king of mind blowing.  YOU CAN CHECK OUT THE VIDEO BY CLICKING HERE.

Vertical Jump Definition

A vertical jump is defined as the highest point an athlete can touch from a standing point jump, less the height the athlete can touch from a standing position (standing reach height). The best place to start with your vertical jump improvement is testing your vertical jump. This will serve as your reference point to see how you’re increasing your vertical jump.  Most players see a measurable increase in their vertical immediately after implementing our proprietary drills into their workout.

Test Vertical Jump

To get your training started, you need a way to measure your jump. If you’re testing your vertical at gym or in a professional type setting, they may have a Vertec. The Vertec is one of the most common apparatus for measuring vertical jump ability. It is the vertical jump-testing device of choice for many college and professional teams, but they also have the budget for such a thing. If you’re wanting to test your vertical in a budget-friendly way, you can easily use a measuring tape, a marked wall, or chalk for marking a wall.

Next, it’s time to actually do the testing of your Vertical Jump

  1. The athlete stands side on to a wall and reaches up with the hand closest to the wall. Keeping the feet flat on the ground, the point of the fingertips is marked or recorded. This is called the standing reach height.
  2. The athlete then stands away from the wall, and leaps vertically as high as possible using both arms and legs to assist in projecting the body upwards. Attempt to touch the wall at the highest point of the jump.
  3. The difference in distance between the standing reach height and the jump height is the score. The best of three attempts is recorded.

If you are ready to invest in a Vertical Jump Trainer like shown above you  can click here.

Nothing good comes easy – and that’s especially true when it comes to increasing your vertical jump. In order to jump as high as you can, you’re going to have to put the work in. It won’t be a simple process. It’s going to take great effort and dedication to reach you full potential when it comes to your vertical.  However we have all heard stories about athletes who made the decision they were going to increase their vertical jump and they did.  Most had secret drill or exercises.  I remember a kid I went to high school with that was 5 ‘ 10″ but could dunk a basketball.  He had some kind of drill where he jumped in an out of the seat of a chair.

So we know the right drills and exercises can help you jump higher, and that is really how and why Coach Jason’s manuscript is like the Bible of improving vertical jump, an inside secret if you will for many athletes.

There are two areas to focus on during your vertical training  and both are covered in detail which are: physical training and mental training.

Physical Training are the exercises you’ll do to that require all your energy to get your body to reach its maximum jump height. Some of these exercises include lifts in the weight room, jumping drills, and stretching. Read on to find out more detail on what physical training you need to start doing on a daily basis.

Mental Training are the exercises focused on your mind. It’s not going to be easy to increase your vertical and it’s not something that will happen overnight – so you need to stay mentally tough during this entire time. Here are a few things to keep in mind to stay the course and keep working hard on your vertical.  If you think about the athletes you have met that had abnormal jumping ability it didn’t happen by accident.  The guys  I have seen decided they were going to be the best jumper on the team.   Their mentality is a little different, slightly tougher.  It is not normal for a 5’10” basketball player to decide they were going to learn how to slam a basketball.  People ask how to dunk a basketball if you are short, check out what the manual did for  Joel .

  • Visualization. The entire time you’re training to increase your vertical, start visualize how high you want to jump. Think about your steps, your form, your arms, and how high you’re going to be able to jump with all the hard work you’re doing. Being able to visualize yourself jumping higher is a great tool while you’re training.
  • Confidence. Not only do you need to have confidence in yourself but also have confidence in the process. All of the time you’re putting into the physical and mental training will pay off – and you need to have confidence in that.
  • Perseverance. You won’t be able to jump out of the gym after one week of training – it will take time, effort, and endless repetitions. You have to be willing to put in the work – and some days that might not be easy. Your results may not show every day or every work out. You have to be able to look past that and keep on doing work.

Vertical Jump Lifting Program

The first place to start working on your vertical jump is the weight Room. This goes without being said that you’ll get a higher vertical with stronger legs – and the only way to get your legs stronger is by hitting the weight room. Not sure what exercises to use? These exercises are a great way to get started:

  • Squats – start with the bar behind your neck, resting on your shoulders and make sure you’re standing with your feet shoulder width apart. From this position, slowly lower your body by bending at your knees. You’ll go all the way down until you’re in a deep squat and holding that position for two seconds. Then you can slowly rise back up to your starting position. Make sure you keep your back straight and you’re bending at your knees.
  • Single Leg Squat – take the form outlined for squats but instead of using both legs only use a single leg. You can use weight for this exercise or just use your body weight. It’s a great exercise either way!
  • Jump Squat – start with the bar behind your head resting on your neck or grab a couple of dumbbells and have at your sides. Start lowering your body to a squat, but when you rise up be sure to explode and jump up. On your landing, keep balance and make sure you’re landing on both feet.
  • Toe Raises – stand with your feet shoulder width apart, typically on stairs or any sort of ground you can stand on that allows your heel to dip down. Then raise up on the tips of your toes. Continue this process until your complete your reps. Don’t rock up and down – or go to fast. For the exercise to work, you have to use correct form and go at a steady pace.
  • Leg Extensions and Leg Curls – these are typically done with machines at the gym. Find these machines and make sure you get adequate reps on them.DON’T HAVE ACCESS TO A WEIGHT ROOM?


The Hoops King P.R.O. Bands (Progressive Resistance Overload) are 100% Natural Latex basketball resistance training bands that can help you in 3 major ways:

  • Explosiveness by adding resistance to jumping
  • Building Strength by using the bands to building upper and lower body strength.
  • Flexibility can be increased with Pre and Post practice stretching

And the beauty about the bands is that you can use them right on the court without the need for a weight room or a bunch of equipment.  Many of Coach Jason’s player use these bands along with the proprietary drills in the manual.

Try out these exercises with the P.R.O. Bands:

Vertical Jump Increase

Jumping Drills are one way to increase your vertical. Now that you’re working on your leg strength you also need to be working on your jumps as well. Here are some jumping drills to start doing on a daily basis.  These are probably drills you are already doing, in Coach Jason’s manual he will give you the inside secrets to getting maximum results with these drills.

  • Tuck Jumps – with your feet shoulder width apart, bend down into a comfortable squat position and then jump up as high as you can and bring your knees to your chest.
  • High Reach Jumps – with your feet shoulder width apart, bend down into a comfortable squat position and then jump up as high as you can reaching for the sky! This drill is great to do under the basketball goal or near a wall so you can have a visual of how high you’re jumping – or how low you jump once you start getting tired. Try to reach the same height through all your reps.
  • Standing Box Jumps – with your feet shoulder width apart, bend down into a comfortable squat position and then explode up to jump on the box. The key here is to get a tall enough box that is going to challenge you, but not one that is too high.
  • One/Three Step Box Jumps – use the same form as a standing box jump, but this time take one step into your jump (or three steps if you’re doing three step box jump) to help explode up and land on your box. Typically, by adding steps to your jump, you should be able to jump higher so you might need a taller box.
  • Single Leg Jumps – find a much smaller box or a stair for this exercise. Use the same form as the other box jumps, but for this one you’ll be jumping on a single leg. Stay true to your form and be sure to do equal amount of reps on both sides.


Vertical Jump Stretches

Before each training session you need to have a solid warm up. Warm ups help get the blood flowing in your body and stretch your muscles. Put a lot of focusing on the stretching and getting your body loose. Stretching is a big deal because it will help improve your flexibility. Surprisingly, flexibility helps you jump higher!  Our research has show this is where many athletes miss it.  They do not put enough focus on stretching and ultimately the specific stretching drills that will improve their vertical jump.

Before and after every workout, stretch your legs. This can lead to increase flexibility which loosens your muscles and allows them to perform better with a greater range of motion. In other words, they are strong and function better. Be sure to include dynamic stretches into your warm-up to get your joints moving and static stretches into your cool down after the workout.   Different dynamic stretch drills are explained in the manual, these dynamic stretches are designed to increase your vertical jump almost overnight.

Dynamic stretches are when you put your body through a range of motion to prepare it to perform. Some examples are:

  • Knees to chest
  • High knees
  • Lunge with a twist

Static stretches are when you hold a stretch for an extended period of time. Some examples are:

  • Standing Quadriceps Stretch
  • Hamstring Stretch
  • Calf Stretch


Are you looking for a jump program to follow?

Look no further than the MVP Vertical Jump Pro System.

This program is the most comprehensive vertical jump program on the market. It’s a 12 week explosive Vertical Jump Program that can increase your vertical jump up to 15”.

Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach, Alan Stein, will be the one coaching you up three times a week for only 30 minutes each session. He has trained players at all levels including Kevin Durant who is one of the best basketball players in the world.

Basketball Players continue reading to learn how jumping higher will change your game on the court!

You can learn how to Dunk a Basketball

One of the most fun ways to use your vertical jump is dunking a basketball. If you haven’t dunked before then don’t skip our dunking tutorial.

How to a Dunk a Basketball Workout

The Jump

Generally, a player can reach their highest when jumping off one foot and reaching up with one hand. For a player that is right-handed, the most common way is approaching from the left and jumping off the left foot with the ball in the right hand. Obviously, for a left-handed player, it’s coming from the right and jumping off the right with the ball in your left hand.

Some players thinking jumping off two feet to be more comfortable, but it’s different for every player. Take time while you’re practice your jump to find what’s the most comfortable for you. As you’re learning the right way to jump, comfort is crucial because you don’t want to hurt yourself making a move that feels awkward. You want to be comfortable taking off and landing – and that can be done a number of different ways.

The Progression

To begin, go up without a ball first. This will give you a great idea of where you’re at and just how close you are to being able to dunk. For beginners, you should focus on dunking with one hand. Your other hand should stay by your side to balance your body while you’re in the air. The two-handed dunk is awesome, but is surprisingly more of an advance dunk and should be an approach you build up to as you work on your dunking.

One of the problems with dunking is managing the ball while you’re in the air. To dunk with one hand, you’ll need to be able to palm a basketball. Some players have no trouble getting a grip of the basketball and driving it over the rim, but for other players this realistically isn’t going to happen without a lot of practice and hard work.

If you can jump high enough to dunk, but you’re having a hard time going up with the basketball in one hand, the solution is to start small and work your way up. A smaller ball such as a soft golf ball or tennis ball is a great starting point. From there, move slowly to a mini-basketball. It will provide more of a challenge but still be easy to palm as you go up. Once you can dunk the mini ball, try moving on to a volleyball until finally a regulation basketball.


Do How to Dunk a Basketball Workouts really work, or they worth it?

If you are a basketball play even a short basketball play, coaches that are in the know will tell you How to Dunk a Basketball Workouts are worth the price.  Yes every coach wishes every young man on their high school team could dunk a basketball.  However few coaches are like coach Jason, who’s primary focus is on helping you improve your vertical jump with workouts designed to help even short players dunk a basketball.  The benefits on the basketball court are obvious.

Get more rebounds! By jumping higher, you’ll be closer to the rim and ready to rebound those missed shots. It also means you’ll be able to get those rebounds that use to be just out of your reach. Remember when you’d lose a rebound because someone could jump higher than you?

Block more shots! Now that you’ve got those extra inches in your vertical you’ll be able to get your hand on more shots. This will do wonders on the defensive end because even if you can’t get a hand on every shot – the other team will have to work around your shot blocking ability allowing you to shut down your opponent.

Create more turnovers! Or in other words steal the ball more. You’ll be able to jump up and steal those passes that teams try to make over you. This will allow your team to create more turnovers which means more offensive possessions for your team that can lead to more points.


How to Jump Higher for Basketball – the Easy Way

The primary focus of this article has been on helping basketball players improve their vertical jump to the point where they can dunk a basketball.   However the ability to jump higher helps most all athletes.  Baseball outfielders give themselves the opportunity to save would be home runs, football receivers with a high vertical jump have an obvious advantage.  Other than basketball players the other group of athletes that benefit the most from a strong vertical jump is arguably volley ball players.


Use resistance bands to increase vertical jump for volleyball

Learning how to dunk a basketball is one of the most exciting skills in sports.
Want to increase your vertical jump for volleyball fast? The easy way is to use our
vertical jump bands and wear them while you practice your spikes! Just put on the vertical jump bands during volleyball practice and you’ll be training your vertical jump while you are also practicing your volleyball skills. This means you don’t have to do extra vertical jump workouts to gain inches on your jumping ability.

We have two diferent vertical jump bands that you can use as a volleyball player. The first bands are the M.V.P. Pro bands that are attached at the heels and a belt around the waist. These vertical jump bands can be worn during practice so everytime you jump your are improving your vertical with the resistance provided by the bands. These bands are best if you are 5′ 6″ or taller.

Our best vertical jump bands for volleyball players are the M.V.P. Elite bands that are attached at the heels and fit over the shoulders. These bands are a big step up from the Pro bands as they engage the core muscles in addition to the leg muscles. Jumping is an all body function so the more muscles that have resistance the better.

The Elite bands will also engage better and you don’t have to be as tall as with the Pro bands. You will have to remove the bands from the shoulders most likely after about a minute of jumping to give your shoulders a break. But each jump with the Elite bands will be more intense and you are going to jump higher faster with the Elite bands.

Now you can add these bands to any volleyball jump training program you are already doing for added resistance. You can even use them while lifting weights for a linear variable resistance training effect. This method of training can help you break through plateaus on your vertical jump and reach new levels.

Train with these bands as a volleyball player and everyone will wonder what you did to imrpove your vertical jump so dramatically.



Recommended Vertical Jump Aids

Vertical Jump Shoes

If you are a serious athlete who is determined to improve your vertical jump we simply cannot recommend Coach Jason’s Manual strongly enough it is why many college and pro players refer to it as THE JUMP BIBLE.

There are couple of other products that may be worth adding to your workout after you have a copy of your
own Jump Bible, and we will cover them hear from you.

Jumpsoles v5.0.The Jumpsoles are vertical jump shoes that fit onto your existing shoe. They are plyometric platforms that attach to your shoes and focuses your body weight onto your calves and train you to spring off the balls of your feet. By doing the special plyometric exercises in the video you develop fast twitch muscle fibers in your legs for explosive leaping improvement. Jumpsoles have been around for over 20 years and many players have increased their vertical jump with them.  Back in the day, we use to wear ankle weights.  Some of you are as old as I am may remember these.   Well Jumpsoles replaced ankle weights about 20 years ago, and they have evolved to version 5.0.  Many pro basketball players have been using Jumpsoles their entire career and credit these devices with improving their verticle leap.  YOU CAN CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT JUMPSOLES V5.0


The second most popular product in this training niche are the Jump 99 Shoes The Jump 99 shoes are complete shoes , they do not attach to your normal basketball shoes.  Some players like this,  many don’t, as apparent by the many pairs available on eBay.

If you decide to try the Jump 99 Shoes, our suggestion is that you see if you can find your size on eBay.  At the time of this writing there were over 100 pairs available.  You will save money, and if you don’t like them, you can turn around and sell them on eBay yourself.

Which Jump Shoe is better? Jump 99 or Jumpsoles?

First, both shoes have the same type of training so there is no real difference there. The big difference is that the Jump 99 shoe is a complete shoe with platform while the Jumpsoles strap on to your existing shoe. Again, not a lot of difference there in the funcationality of the shoe while training. The jumpsoles stay snug and tight.

So, you are probably wondering what the difference is right? Well, the first big difference is in the look. If you want to look the best while doing your jump shoes the Jump 99 basketball training shoe  will be one complete unit that will look better than the Jumpsoles. Now that doesn’t have anything to do with jumping higher but we know players care about how they look when training so that is an advantage for the Jump 99 shoe.

The advantage for the Jumpsoles is that they fit a range of sizes. For example, Large Jumpsoles fit shoe sizes 11-14 so if you are still growing and are size 11.5 you have plenty of room to continue to grow into the Jumpsoles whereas if you purchased the Jump 99 you might outgrow them in a year and would have to buy a new pair. However if you buy the Jump 99 basketball training shoes on eBay as we suggest, you can always sell  the pair you grew out of before investing in another pair.

So that’s about the only real differences between the two. Whatever you choose your vertical will benefit the same from either one, especially if you use the drills and other inside secrets you will learn in the Jump Bible.









Besides choosing the right shoes, the use of the proper method to put it on, and your way of adopting a particular style that suits your personality is also significant. With the advent of the modern era, man has developed diversity in every aspect of his life; now, it has become demanding. Everyone wants to try variations regarding different subjects of their daily routine, explicitly including food, dresses, styles, shoes, fashion, and many other things. When it comes to lace up your shoes, many people don’t know much about it.






you should know the following points before adopting any method to protect you from the future queries:

  1. You should know the type of laces that suits your shoe.
  2. You should have little know-how about the material of the laces.
  3. The right and left sides of the laces should be kept equal before adopting any method.
  4. Start from the top holes i.e., holes of the toes side.


There is no need to stress your brain for this issue. We finally came up with the best methods for you people to enhance your self-awareness and provide you with the chance to try variations with your shoes by changing different laces and thank us later. These techniques are a:


It is the most ordinary method for lacing up your shoes. Most people use this technique all over the world. We are considering five holes shoe as standard to demonstrate this mechanism. We start our demo considering you people as beginners so that it will be easy for you to understand it. Following events help you to go through the quick demonstration:

  • Place both ends of the shoelace from inside to the outside on the top hole.
  • Left side: Take the left side of the lace to the next hole of the right side upside down.
  • Pass the same end to the hole of opposite left side from inside to outside and following the same pattern.
  • Right side: In the same manner, take the right side of the shoelace to the next hole on the left hand such that it resembles the intersecting diagonals passing through the square.
  • Repeat the procedure for the remaining holes in the same pattern.


  • Keeping in view the pre-requisites, we are taking the equal length of laces on both sides.
  • Pass both ends of laces through the right and left hole from the external surface of a breach to the internal surface.
  • Take the left side of lace-up to the second hole of the left side from inside to the outside.
  • Carry the same end to the second hole of the right side.
  • The second end of lace from the first hole of the right side is taken up to the third hole and taken outside.
  • The same procedure repeats with the remaining ends skipping the hole for alternative endings.


it is a newly introduced method. As the name indicates, contrasting laces are in use in this method.

  • The color you wanted to act as a base comes first.
  • Use the straight lacing technique to make the base of the shoelace with the color you wanted.
  • After that, use another lace of contrast color and pass its one end between the straight pattern of lace in such a way that it comes alternatively on the top and bottom of the base lace.
  • Match the length of free end with that of the open end of the lace used for making the base.
  • Repeat the alternative method two to three times with the already used end of the contrasting lace to make layers of a different color so that it turns around and comes along the other free end of the base.
  • Tie the free ends of both the laces together and make a knot.



  • Straighten your laces with the help of your hand.
  • Put the one end of lace in the first hole such that it passes from the inner side to the outer side of the tunnel.
  • Cross the ends of lace in your hands to the opposite side. Cross it one more time, and you will see that a loop will be present.
  • After that, pass the end of lace from inside to outside of the second hole to both sides.
  • Repeat the method for each hole.
  • If you have done it right then, a series of loops will be in the middle of two adjacent pairs of holes.


  • Pass both sides of the lace from the external surface to the internal surface of the first hole.
  • Take the left side of the shoelace out from the third hole of the left side, skipping the second hole and rest it aside for a while.
  • Take the right end of the lace and pass it from the immediate second hole of the right side.
  • Insert this end into the opposite hole of the left side from upside down and take it out from the third hole of the left side from inside out.
  • Pass this end from the opposite hole i.e., a third hole of the right side.
  • Reconsider the left side that was kept aside and pass it from the fifth hole skipping the fourth hole in the inside out order.
  • Repeat the same sequence for the right side as used for it before.
  • The last step is hiding the knot under cover of the tongue of the shoe. Due to this step, the method is magic knotting as a knot cannot be clear from the surface of the shoe.
  • We are pretty sure that you can quickly master these techniques with the material we provided to you people. We recommend you to adopt that style that fits your profession, personality, and need and got updated by selecting the new techniques we are sharing with you.


Press Pass Collectibles


All Sports have gained so much importance these days due to the increasing awareness regarding fitness. Everyone wants to increase the quality of their life. For this purpose, different people opt for various activities.  We have seen huge growth in many sports like skatebording.

People look for a sport that suits them well. The type of game adopted by the people depends on their physical structures, their region, culture, and interests.  As an example we can consider the marathon racer and sprinter. Sprinters did their training to increase their speed while marathon racer emphasized on developing stamina due to the quality of their game.

Basketball has gained popularity worldwide and it is one of the most popular sports enjoyed by the public. When we take a look at the basketball players, it is kind of shocking.  Most people who have seen a professional basketball game up close, will not forge their first trip to a NBA stadium.   It is beyond amazing how consitently tall basketball players really are.

Their anthropometric measurements make them peculiar from other players in different sports. The question arises: Why is this so? Why basketball players have tall height? To answer this question, we spend many hours of online researches to provide you with the best of knowledge and valid evidence. Basketball rules requires players to put the ball in a goal which is 10 feet tall in order to score.



Advantages of tall height

When it comes to playing basketball, height matters the most. It provides individuals with the benefits that are listed below:

  • allows easy access to reach the basket of the opponent
  • helps in blocking the shots
  • their less distance from the basket ring helps you setting your goal and executing right shot

Disadvantages of tall height

Besides the advantages, there are certain demerits of the towering height. These are the following:

  • The weight of the player increases with the height of the individual due to an increase in bone length.
  • The risks of injury increase with an increase in height, due to increased forces acting on the body
  • They have less mileage.


In 1996, the average height recorded among the basketball players was 7 feet. However, this record kept on changing with time. The tallest player in basketball history was Gheorghe Muresan, with a height of 7 feet 7 inches. The players taking second and third positions on the board recorded are 7.6” and 7.5” respectively. Still, there are many tall players actively participating in the NBA (National Basketball Association). Among them, the top one is the Boban Marjanovic, who is 7.3” tall. The second one on the list is Tibor Pleiss from Germany, who is also 7.3”. So, the presence of the tall basketball players is also clear from history.


The main reason for the tall height is their increased physical activity and increased training duration. The increased physical activity increases the rate and depth of respiration and metabolism of the body. These factors increase the production of Growth Hormone (GH). GH increases bone growth and mineralization of bones. The growth hormone also increases all aspects favoring the protein synthesis. In this way, it plays a role in the growth of the body and increases height.

Another contributing factor is genetic factors, which exert their effect through the genetic material DNA.



How to get tall height??

It is not right to say that all the basketball players are naturally tall. Due to the ten feet rule of the basket hoop, true lovers of basketball make different measures to make them able to playing basketball and increase the efficacy of their performance. Here, we are sharing with you methods that can help you in getting tall height:


Stretching exercises are best for the enhancement of growth. Most of the players perform stretching before their match, which increases the range of motion. The starting position of sprinters is in such a way that it provides stretching of the body parts, which includes propulsion power and helps in taking significant steps. If you wanted to become tall, then proper exercise will help you in getting the desired results. If you adopt doing an appropriate activity before the closure of Epiphyseal plates of the bone (adolescence), then it will result in getting the maximum outcome.

Proper training:

Training should be in such a way that develops endurance in the individual. It should be under the supervision of the appropriate trainer. Otherwise, you may get adverse results instead of getting the appropriate conclusions. The time of the training session should be adjusted per week to prevent yourself from fatiguing your body.

Height stimulators:

Many supplements are present these days, which enhances the growing capability of the individual. Human growth hormone prepared these days artificially in the laboratory, which provides the benefits of increasing all aspects of growth. Researches proved that vitamin D (cholecalciferol) along with the calcium and phosphorus helps in increasing bone growth and strength. Vitamin B, which is available in different types i.e. B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, etc, also favors the lengthening and strengthening of the bones. You need to make vitamin D and B as a permanent component of your diet if you wanted to get the benefits of bone growth from them.

Proper diet:

The type of food you are taking affects your physical appearance. Your diet must not contain large amounts of fats and carbohydrates as they will make you obese. Protein diet is for the increased muscle mass and growth. You must consult a nutritionist and follow a proper diet plan to enjoy a healthy life and to get benefits from the nutritious substances for making your height tall.