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Basketball is among the most popular sport of the twenty-first century.  Many believe the rap culture (addidas) has alot to do with that.  Addidas has always been the go to show in the rap communicty, if not we may not even be having this conversation.

Among the leisure activities and sports that can be enjoyed by normal people,  basketball would be at the top of th list and is popular all over the world.   Just get a qualtiy outdoor outdoor basketball and put a basketball hoop in the street and you have the equipment that will alow you to enjoy the sport for years.

Really the only thing you need other than a hoop and a ball to enjoy the sport is a quality pair or basketball, sneakers.   

Most products and consumer goods evolve and get better over time, the same cam be said for basketball sneakers.   When it comes to basketball shoes, many companies have evolved and gained popularity in producing basketball shoes.   The industry has come a long way since the white converse days of the 1950’s. Among the most popular brands, ADIDAS and NIKE come on the top of the list. After doing thorough research on both brands, we are giving you our prospective on these two competitors.



Bruin and Blazer are the first Basketball sneakers released by Nike in 1972. The headquarter of Nike is in Oregon. Both of these products are of leather.

Nike kept on making the changes with these two products to make them compatible, and their slogan “just do it” began gaining popularity with the time. In 1982, Nike released its new series with the name of AIR FORCE

1. With the passing time, Nike kept on gaining fame as one of the leading basketball shoes. In 1985, Air Jordan introduced. This newly launched product gained much popularity because of getting marketing by the famous basketball player, Michael Jordan.

The development kept on emerging with the time, and in 1986 and 87, Dunk and Terminator High got released. The launch of the new series keeps on taking place in the 1990s, maintaining the previous progress. The strategy of picking the top players and placing them with the signature shoes helped them a lot to gain a considerable market share. Their unceasing potential from the very first day till the present day makes them famous and worth mentioning.

With the use of Flywire technology in their great release .i.e, Hyperdunk, it can be easily seen that they are going to keep grabbing the attention of their audience in the future as well.


Nike is now a unique brand in the world, with a significant market share. Everything in this world is unique on its own due to its characteristics. Just like that, basketball shoes from different brands have their features, which make them different from their competitors. We come up with the striking features of the Nike that make them Nike.


Nike shoes have large capacities. That’s why they are considered most suitable for people with wide feet. Nike has offered large scales in shoes; this can be estimated by having a look at Nike Lebron, which provides the maximum size of 18. They have more stretching ability, which reduces the chances of tearing easily. Their large size lessens the difficulty of breaking in, and professionals don’t need a long time to break in and get back to their field.

Quality of materials

Nike comes on the top of the list when talking about the condition. The leather used in these shoes is of high quality and helps the foot to become readily adaptable to it. The sole consists of a soft and pliable material that acts as a shock absorber and lessens the destructive effects of forces on our joints and feet. The exceptional stretching ability helps in allowing a full degree of movements and enhanced propulsion. The better quality of Nike products also ensures you about their prolonged-lasting use with the minimum wear and tear except for being used roughly and rashly. The breathability provided by the constituents of the shoes is good enough to prevent the sweating of the foot.


The average weight for the Nike basketball shoes ranges from 300 grams to 400 grams, which reflects their lightweight. The best example of lightest Nike basketball shoes is Nike Kobe Zoom V, which weighs about 10.6 ounces (325 grams). However, the weight of the shoes varies with the size of the shoes. They are best for the person who emphasizes lightweight as the prime feature in picking up the right shoes.


As we all have heard a famous proverb: “The more sugar you add, the sweeter it will be.” This proverb holds when purchasing the right thing; the more money you pour, the best quality you will get. These days, there is a rapid increase in the demand for excellence for items due to increasing awareness and increased standards of living. Nike’s are highly paid basketball shoes in the world. One can easily understand the high price of Nike basketball shoes if he knows about its generous features.

However, there are certain products of Nike that are not too expensive. It is a kind of investment that you are paying to keep yourself safe and sound during the playing hours. Using the excellent pair of basketball shoes keeps you away from the injuries and save your money, which otherwise you need to spend on treating your injury. Although everyone cannot afford to buy these shoes, if you are a true basketball lover, then it is compulsory for you to buy these pair of shoes and increases your safety.

Public views about Nike

Nike comes on the top of the list when talking about the best basketball shoes. Players seem to trust Nike a lot with the quality, and that’s why they are willing to invest a little more in Nike basketball shoes.  Many of the top college baskeball programs like the University of Kentucky basketball team wears Nike basketball shoes. Many people admired the lightweight of these shoes which obviously important if you are a basketball player that needs to get off the floor to dunk the basketball and rebound.

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  • They are lightweight.
  • They have a sound breathing system.
  • Many options are available for the users.
  • Their quality is up to the mark.


  • They are expensive.



The headquarters of Adidas are present in Germany, unlike Nike, which has its office in the United States. As compared to Nike, Adidas is older, and its foundation laid in the mid-1920s, but the name was different. Adolf Dassler used the name Adidas in 1949 and deepened the roots of this brand.

Three stripes became the signature style for the Adidas shoes. In 1971, Adidas released its first basketball shoes. They kept on releasing shoe pairs to engage the interests of professionals from every sport in correspondence with the famous players of that time. They worked hard on making customizations for their users and released Adidas color hi with the felt tip pens that help the users to customize their shoes by themselves. Adidas made use of the peg cushioning system for the first time in Adidas LA trainer in 1984. In 1992, Adidas released Mutombo for the recognition of the university graduated basketball player. Kobe series, launched in 2000, also gained the attention of the customers.

The release of the new product continued with time. Adidas Rivalry boost launched in 2019, retains much of the features of the 86 Rivalry combined with the cushioning boost technology. In 2019, Adidas put forward its “Heroes among us” collection in collaboration with Marvel Cinematic Universe. Adidas didn’t rest behind; they also make their full contribution to be recognized as one of the top brands and still playing their part.


Following are the features which make you able in developing awareness about the Adidas shoes so that you can easily distinguish them from the Nike:


The size of Adidas shoes runs small for the people with the broader feet. Many professionals have narrow feet, Adidas shoes are suitable for that kind of professionals. You don’t need to be hasty while using Adidas, as they require time to compensate with the size of your foot in case of more full feet.

Quality of materials

The materials used in Adidas are suitable for durability. The outer sole provides increased cushioning and softer feel due to the integration of Adiprene in many of their shoes. However, the stretching ability of Adidas is not as good as Nike’s. They provide good strength due to the exceptional quality of the materials used in their production. If you don’t want to change your basketball shoes again and again, then you should go for these.


Adidas basketball shoes are lightweight. The average weight of the Kobe series of the Adidas is about 314grams (11.08ounce). If you want to make yourself clear, then we can tell you the fact that you can see the Adidas shoes on the top of the list of lightest basketball shoes.


The price of almost every product is higher than $100. Just like Nike, they can only have by the high-class people. Despite this fact, many people are still willing to spend a massive amount of money to ensure their safety on the court and reduce the risks of injury. Every intelligent person knows that he has to pay for getting a high return.

Public views about Adidas

After spending hours on public forums, we concluded that Adidas is gaining popularity among the public. The public response showed 65% positivity and 27% neutral views, which is quite good. They seem to be more famous among women as compared to men. People talked about its fresh colors, its reliability, and also its remarkable composition.


  • They are available in different styles and colors.
  • People can make customizations according to their will.


  • They are very expensive, just like Nike.
  • They seem to become narrow.


If you people have more full feet than you must not like the Adidas, you should prefer Nike. For the persons with narrow anthropometric measurements of the feet, we recommend you to look for the Adidas We have provided you with all the aspects of both brands and hope that it will help you in making the right decision.

You people first need to make a clear concept of what you want and what you wanted to do. Different people have different priorities when it comes to select a pair of basketball shoes. So gird up your loin and get ready for getting the right pair of shoes. It is imperative to comprehend that pair of shoes that fit your requirements and keeps you away from the risks of injuries.

You people should look for excellent ankle support and comfort. The style of your training also matters. The wrong technique can make you susceptible to damage. So, we recommend you to consider each aspect before making any decision carefully.