Wide Feet



Almost every player having wide feet have to face any issue while finding a perfect basket shoe for himself. As they don’t know which type of shoe will suit them or not.

For that purpose, We’ve listed and reviewed the top 8 best shoes for basketball players with wide feet.

What are the Top Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet?

Here are the good shoes for wide feet and comparison, if you’re a basketball player.

Comparison of  Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

Under Armour Jet

  • Much better deal
  • Perfect fit
  • High quality
  • Small and narrow


After improving the cushioning system of Under Armour Jet around the ankles will not only give you support but also it will make you feel comfortable while wearing. The weight of these shoes is quite light once you wore and test them on the court. The best thing is that they prevent slipping on both indoor and outdoor courts as they’ve updated herringbone traction pattern.

It also has excellent traction, which works perfectly without any issues regarding dust, and many others also its traction system allows sudden movements and stopping to perform on the court quickly.

What People are saying about this?

According to the users, these are the best shoes and has a perfect fit while running, having high-quality material.

Adidas D Lillard 2

  • The spring frame enhances speed
  • Great fit
  • Improved cushioning
  • It can only enhance your performance when playing indoors.

The Adidas D Lillard 2 is made up of high-quality synthetic fabric with a mesh for enhanced breathability with comfort as well, and It includes a rubber sole, which is quite soft to complement the mesh comfort. This brand uses a shaft mid-sizes inches from the arch, which makes them naturally ideal for flexibility as well as support. Also, you no longer have to worry about any injuries to your ankles when you have this D Lillard 2.

The traction of this shoe is fantastic and also provides a seamless fit for all the wide feet. The central part of this shoe contains padded, which avoids injuries and also helps to enhance the comfort of the player on the court. Another unique feature of this shoe is the inclusion of the four flex zones that helps to improve the motion because of the stability.

What People are saying about this?

The best thing that many buyers have focused on its frame that enhances much speed, and having an excellent cushioning for comfortability is what many players always look forward to.





Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 7

  • Features boost cushioning for improved support
  • The ankle collar is highly padded
  • The shoe provides an excellent grip for lateral movement
  • The sizing of these shoes will run a bit narrow for some feet.


Looking for a pair of shoes for perfect traction control has a strong, comfortable and features a signature style, Well, Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 7 is what you’re looking for? This pair has a herringbone fitted in it throughout the outer layer and thick rubber.

These shoes are high for cutting sideways. This pair of shoes reflect high strength, especially while in the lateral moves. It has a full-length boost cushioning protection, Supports your ankle with the comfort of all high-pressure areas. Well, Looking for a bounce this brand is what you’re looking for?

What People are saying about this?

Just like all the other shoes, these are also well manufactured and structured as well as features a boost cushioning for better support for wide feet.

Nike Son Of Force Mid Winter

  • Lunarlon foam adds a plush look alongside the reflective outer part
  • It is water-resistant and highly durable
  • They are ideal for use in all weather conditions
  • The sizing narrows down such that it may not be so great for wide feet.


Well, If you want a pair of shoes for wide feet but also want a right looking style, then this Nike Son of Force Mid Winter would be an excellent option for you. As it features several colors and sizes as well to choose from, In short, you don’t need to worry about finding the right size that defines your performance and comfortability. It has made up of water-resistant material on the upper section that is pretty reflective, which gives the shoe a vintage style as well.

The rugged design and rough material can be seen on the outer sole that allows the ample player action on time and slippery court floors. However, the midsoles on the other sides are well made lunarlon foam, which makes the shoes a lavish and gives extraordinary looks.

What People are saying about this?

Buyers are attracted to this shoe only because of it’s a plush look that reflects the outer part as well as having a water-resistant and durability as well.

Adidas CF Revival Mid

  • It is made from a comfortable material
  • The shoe allows smooth movement thanks to the flexibility of its materials
  • The price range is friendly for their value
  • The grip may be too much for players with large feet.


Here you can take a look at the tasteful style having a touch of new preferences. The upper part of these shoes made up of woven, which makes them breathable as well as durable for comfortability while playing on the court for the kids. The design of these Adidas also mimics the movement of the bare feet, which helps you in ideal sideways moves.

No doubt, these shoes are made for legends, and pro players as these shoes are made up of premium quality textile as well a synthetic material. For a stylish look, they have featured a pop of color around the heel.

However, players with wide feet should consider buying these shoes to ensure that they are comfortable. They may be a bit tight from sideways as they have an excellent grip for support. The woven material enhances the flexibility of the player.

What People are saying about this?

Mostly buyers appreciated and recommended the Adidas CF Revival Mid because Adidas has included each and everything that a wide feet shoe provides but in a reasonable and affordable price, which made it stand in the market.

Fila F-13v

  • Their heritage design fits the taste of most users
  • They are leather made to make them durable and stylish
  • The shoes feature great traction from their solid rubber
  • Not at all.

This fila brand has featured a contemporary style with a touch of class; it also has a taste of Italian design. A leather material on the upper section of the shoe can be seen, which gives an antique look and lateral support.

If you talk about midsoles, those are made from EVA cushioning for enhancing more comfort and support, as well. These things have covered by the rubber soles that are pretty soft for your feet. The specially made for traction control with a solid rubber that also enhances the durability of the shoes. This sole makes the shoe non-slippery and allows the payers to make quick moves on the court.

What People are saying about this?

After buying these shoes, the users seem to be very well satisfied with its each and everything from structure to the technologies that Fila has used.

Under Armour Ua Clutchfit Drive 3

  • The shoe has great cushioning that protects you against impact and is very responsive
  • It features incredible traction fit for indoor and outdoor sporting activities
  • It is available at a low price
  • Not at all


Now, let’s talk about the budget if you have a limited budget you may go with these pair of shoes which features herring tone in the provision of traction that extends to the outer sole. The sole of Under Armour contains a diamond-shaped that inserts the enhance traction, which allows the shoes to grip the court sufficiently for better and comfortable movement.

The Micro G cushioning technology is been used in this shoe, which is highly responsible and complemented by a charged heel, which allows a quick bounce during the movement on the court. These are ideal for guard players as well as the cushioning is minimized but highly responsible. Like many other brands, it gives a snugly fit with your fully locked feet.

What People are saying about this?

The buyers appreciated its great cushioning as many of them have wide feet, and protection is what about they look forward. Also, it has incredible traction control.

Under Armour Micro G Assert 7

  • Super lightweight for ease of movement
  • Provides solid support
  • They are ideal for players with flat and high feet
  • Not at all


These shoes made up of a light foam that is well supported to ensure the comfort of the ankles and entire feet. The inner of the shoe is made up of soft mesh-like fabric to make the shoe breathable and allows your flat feet to stay comfortable and calm, having a cozy environment throughout the foot area that is fully supported. It helps in locking the foot to make the quick cutting and stopping movements as you play.

What People are saying about this?

Those who were sick of heavy shoes liked this one as it has a lightweight having solid support also ideal for players having wide feet.

Editor’s Choice

Well, Every product in the out list is best for what they are providing each product has something unique and different from others. However, the fila brand is what we’ll recommend you guys to go with as it’s a reliable and lightweight shoe and specially made for wide feet players while manufacturing.

What to Look for When Buying Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet?

As we have discussed, our top 8 best shoes for wide feet. Now its time to know what things to consider or to look forward while buying a basketball shoe for wide feet. At first, we have to find out the material of each shoe from which we have to look forward to only those shoes which have a fantastic material used in them as well as having flexibility.

If we talk about leather, so keep in mind synthetic leather is not the best leather to use in all types of shoes as it doesn’t stretch or molds while having them in your foot. You may consider going with woven or knitted materials which are far better than the synthetic one as they are stretchable and prevent injuries.

Another thing on which you should also focus on is the outer sole of the shoes. If the material and traction speed is more significant or its stretches for longer than the other ordinary basketball shoes. It means the actual meat of the shoe will cater to the wider foot.


You may be tired of finding the best basketball shoes because you have wide feet. Well, From classic to stylish and comfort ability to performance, all types of shoes are well-reviewed and described above.

However, If you are still confused about which one shoe you should go with well, you should look at the pros and cons as well as the user reviews of all the products.